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DUSTLOCTM Dust Suppressant, from EnvironMist, Inc., is a revolutionary new organic dust control product that nearly eliminates dust and dramatically reduces watering.Stop harmful inhalation of dust by horse, rider, and spectator while also reducing the time and expense of constant watering.

DustLoc contains no petroleum based or synthetic oils and is non-toxic to humans and animals.Colorless, odorless and biodegradable, Dustloc is made from natural organic enzymes and other specially selected additives.Dustloc ingredients meet appropriate FDA and EPA standards.

When properly applied, Dustloc's new formula bonds with the soil and retains moisture in the footing of your indoor or outdoor arena. Dustloc reduces evaporation, which keeps your footing moist longer, thus reducing the frequency of watering.Dustloc also contains a de-clumping agent to keep your footing uniform and manageable. The amount that Dustloc reduces watering depends on your particular soil, but in our tests, an indoor arena that needs water once every two days will need water only once every 2-3 weeks.

Dustloc is easy to apply.It mixes with water and can be applied using a standard garden hose in conjunction with our DustPro injection system or a tank-type sprayer.EnvironMist's experts will work with you to determine the best application method.

DustLoc is an easy, economical, and environmentally safe way to control dust in your indoor or outdoor arena.

Available in 2 ½ gallon bottles.Retail price is $49.95 per gallon, shipping & handling not included. From EnvironMist, Inc., 237 North Main, Sheridan, WY 82801.
Web site: 672-1712. Toll Free: 1-866-Dustloc (1-866-387-8562). Visa/MasterCard/American Express.

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