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KWPN SELECT SALE enthusiastically awaits

Next week, during the KWPN Stallion Show in the Netherlands, 22 three-year-old stallions will be sold. The interest, not only nationally but also from abroad, in the young stallions that are going to be sold then is enormous. On Saturday 3 February more than 10,000 visitors will find their way to the Brabanthallen in 's Hertogenbosch where the first edition of this elite auction takes place. Information and parts of the videotapes of those stallions can be found on the internet. At, under SELECT SALE, all selected stallions are presented. By clicking "video-clip" the stallions are shown in action. For further information please feel free to contact EQ International: telephone +31(0)20-4655446, fax +31(0)20-4651640, or e-mail

Egbert Schep & Gert Jan van Olst on the KWPN Select Sale:


On Saturday afternoon 3 February, the first edition of the KWPN Select Sale takes place. After the last of three selection rounds, twenty two selected three-year-old stallions come under the hammer in the Brabanthallen in 's Hertogenbosch. The selection is compiled of the stallions that have been allocated for the second round of viewings. In the selection commission are Dirk Willem Rosie and Jaques Verkerk of the KWPN, Gert Jan van Olst and Egbert Schep from the VHO (Society of Stallion Breeders) and Chris van Dam of EQ International, the organizational partner responsible for the sale.

The auction at the Stallion Show is not new. Ten years ago a selection of horses for sport were sold under the name Holland Sale: in years before that, there was an auction of horses that had not been pre-selected. Neither were very long-lived. "I don't think the KWPN Select Sale will suffer the same fate", says Egbert Schep. "The demand for good young horses is incredible. Just look at how many people are willing to pay high prices for a promising foal at the various auctions. The foals are selected on type, movement and pedigree. People are happy with the selection and will pay a bit extra for it. In this particular case it's even more so because of the stallion approval pre-viewings and the selection before the auction, one is in a position to offer exclusive material. The best of a year's production is put up for sale." Gert Jan van Olst adds: "There are many people who want to buy a stallion that has been through three pre-viewings and has been indicated. Although people would be prepared to pay a lot of money, mostly it is impossible to get hold of what one wants. During the KWPN Select Sale there are not only stallions indicated for the performance test, but also very promising sports horses for sale. Foreigners, above all, are very happy with the selections that the horses for auction have gone through."


Gert Jan: "Our basic principle was that we would sell about 50% showjumpers and 50% dressage horses. That's going to work out. On top of that we are hoping that 50% of the horses for auction will be selected for the performance examination. That is, of course, difficult to predict but, with the material on offer, we can have high hopes. We have also tried to have a broad choice of blood-lines; in the selected group there are a lot of progeny from stallions that are very much in the picture at the moment." Egbert: "I think that we have, indeed, succeeded in getting an interesting group of horses together. In the group that we've put together there are definitely a number of horses that will be indicated for the performance test in Ermelo. Looking at the quality they have displayed, it wouldn't surprise me if, a number of them will successfully get through the performance examination"


Recently however, a number of people have been somewhat sceptical about the set up of the auction. Breeders and owners fear that the horses will not bring in enough money and those in the trade fear that one of their clients will buy a horse from someone else. Egbert: 'I think, though, that the auction will provide a healthy sales atmosphere in the Netherlands. I have many clients who would like to pay proper prices but who can't find a good horse. You just cannot find one for sale easily. Of course this, as our first edition, might be a bit difficult; we will all wait and see. If the prices are good this year, next year everybody will be wanting to register their stallions. But vendors must appreciate the importance of long-term thinking. If we work hard at it this year, I cannot imagine it won't be a success.' Egbert: '"As VHO we are committed to succeed. Everybody can notify their clients who will then be invited for the auction. We must all pull together; breeders, owners, dealers, organization and clients- it's the start of something big." Gert Jan: "A lot of people in the Netherlands are sceptical but that is just because they are not used to this. In France and Germany these sort of sales have been very successful for years. If we don't follow in their footsteps we will miss a big chance. As soon as it is up and running everybody will profit. It's a marvellous shop window for KWPN. Good horses come up for sale for the enthusiasts, good prices will enormously stimulate breeding, rearing and the trade".


All the horses that have been registered have, in the meantime, been approved by the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences in Utrecht. The veterinary demands for acceptance in the auction are the same as those for the final approval for stallions put to stud. During the Stallion Show, the veterinary report findings, including X-rays, are available for interested parties in the Sales Room. On the day of the auction, all stallions can be seen in the stables at the Brabanthallen.

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