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Sending a Press Release.

Press releases are a great way to get publicity for something you are doing. It might be a local riding club show, or a new product. Press releases need to be interesting, well written and informative.

You can email press releases and news articals to Equiworld,

Hints and Tips for Sending a press release to an Internet site.

* Send it in plain text where possible.
* If you really have to format the text, use RTF or Word97.
* Send good quality photographs in JPEG format, but keep the file sizes under 500kb.
* Send logo's and diagrams in GIF format.
* Don't send pictures embeded in documents.
* Include a web link or contact email address for publication.
* Avoid sending HTML or web pages.

Sending press releases needs careful planning, and a lot of skill. You might want to enlist the help of a public relations (PR) consultancy to get you started. PR consultants will have contacts within the media which are hard to find. As well as knowledge of how to target a press release to get the best possible coverage.
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