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International Animal Health Body Gives UK All Clear

There was excellent news for farmers across the UK today after the
international animal health organisation reinstated the country's foot and
mouth-free status.

In a ruling that marks one of the most crucial steps yet in the recovery
from the disaster, the OIE* has put the UK back on the list of countries
world-wide which are clear of the disease.

It means that other countries throughout the world will be more likely to
trade with the UK in meat, meat products, dairy products and pedigree
animals. Most countries - including the UK - refer to this list before

NFU President Ben Gill said: "This decision means we are recognised on the
world-wide stage as having beaten this dreadful disease.

"It's great news that this has happened so quickly and is a testament to
everyone who has worked hard to achieve this, including Government, vets and

"We must now get international exports moving again quickly so that this
global stamp of approval is translated into positive economic benefits for
British farmers."

Exports of British beef, sheep and pig meat, along with live pigs, have
already re-started within Europe but all require a special animal health certificate. Following today's decision, the European Commission's Standing
Veterinary Committee will further consider the restrictions that are still
in place within Europe on British exports.

*OIE - Office International des Epizooties, based in Paris.

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