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Federation Equestre Internationale News

23 January 2003


Representatives of Jerez 2002 WEG Organising Committee and an FEI Delegation met on the 20 and 21 January 2003 for a debriefing meeting in Jerez de la Frontera (ESP).

Jerez 2002 was represented by Mr Antonio Ortiz, General Manager, Ms Begona Merello, Mr Jaime de La Calle, Mrs Pilar Maldonado, while the FEI Delegation was composed by the FEI Treasurer, Mr Guillerme Sarmento, the Secretary General, Mr Bo Helander, Michael Stone and Catrin Norinder.

During the meeting the financial situation of Jerez 2002 was reviewed and further to some cash flow problems it was confirmed by the OC that all outstanding payments would be finalised by the end of February 2003. It was noted that 95% of all sports costs had been covered by the Organising Committee within four months following WEG 2002. The final financial statements shall be released as soon as all accounts are closed. The expenses and income were within budget. The OC and the FEI are pleased to announce that the event took place without loss.

The final report on Jerez 2002 WEG was presented to the FEI: 300’000 visitors in total attended the event. 1048 accreditations were issued for the media. 25 television stations broadcasted a total of some 150 hours of the WEG in around 100 countries. The economical impact for the city of Jerez and for the whole equestrian world has been extremely positive.

It was highlighted that the legacy of the Jerez 2002 WEG was very positive for Spain and in particular for the equestrian world. Both competition venues, Chapin and Garrapilos, would continue to host equestrian events. Since last November Chapin has become the National equestrian training centre for Spain with 50 horses permanently stabled in the installations. It was confirmed that International Jumping events will be organised in May 2003, along with National Dressage competitions.

A foundation “Caballo Andaluz” has been created in Jerez and it will benefit from the site of Garrapilos to promote equestrian competitions by using the existing WEG facilities. Members of the foundation are the Municipality of Jerez, the National Breeding Association (ANCCE), the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine of Cordoba, the Royal Andalusian Riding School, the Andalusian Equestrian Federation and the Equestrian Tourist Association. (EQUUS). This year’ Spanish National Championships for Driving and Eventing will take place in Garrapilos.


The Executive Board held its first meeting of the year on 22 January 2003 in Madrid. The main topics discussed were the following:

- Samsung Nations Cup Super League rules
The Executive Board approved the rules for the Samsung Nations Cup Super League. They will be published shortly in the next Bulletin 1/03 and on the FEI website.
- 2004 Olympic Games - Appointment of President of the Appeal Committee
The Executive Board appointed the FEI 1st Vice President, Freddy Serpieri, as President of the Appeal Committee for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
- 2007 Pan American Games
The Executive Board approved procedures to apply as a base for the equestrian disciplines at the 2007 Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro (BRA), 14-29 July
- 2008 Olympic Games – FEI’s delegation visit to Beijing
The Executive Board took note of the Secretary General’s report on a visit of the FEI delegation, composed of Secretary General, Manager of the Olympic Department and Head of the Veterinary Department, to Beijing on the invitation of BOCOG (Beijing Olympic Games Organising Committee). Items pertaining specifically to quarantine and infrastructure as well as to the general organisation for the equestrian disciplines had been discussed during a very fruitful two-day meeting.
- FEI / OIE Agreement
The Executive Board expressed its satisfaction over the agreement reached between the FEI and the OIE (Office International des Epizooties) relating to an increased cooperation on matters of common interest, i.e. veterinary research, development and revision of international animal health standards for the movement of horses as well as of animal welfare policies, and others.
- 2003 North American Young Riders Championship, Bromont (CAN), 19-24 August
The Executive Board agreed to a request from CAN NF to rename the 2003 North American Young Riders Championship in Bromont (CAN) the “Championnat des Amériques featuring NAYRC”.

The next meeting will take place on 24 March 2003.


A preparatory meeting between the FEI and the Chinese authorities took place on January 16 and 17. Representatives of the Organising Committee, National Federation and the Ministries of Agriculture and Quarantine were present. The FEI was represented by the Secretary General and managers of the Olympic and Veterinary departments. During two days the masterplan for the competition venue and sanitary issues relating to temporary import and return of horses were discussed. As the equine health status of China as yet has to receive international approval, discussions on a ‘disease free zone’ and an area only accessible to Olympic horses were a major part of the meeting. Naturally, the decision of the IOC on the format of Olympic Eventing will have a major impact on the preparations for the 2008 event.

The FEI wishes to acknowledge the solid preparatory work which was made by BOCOG (Beijing Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) on the above issues.


There are 12 Leagues in the 2002 / 2003 season of the FEI World Cup Jumping.

Seven Leagues have ended their qualifications:Central Europe, Canada, South America, South Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Japan.

Five Leagues are still going: Western Europe, USA East Coast, USA West Coast, Australia and New Zealand.


Central European League (4 qualified)

138 riders from 23 countries competed in the 16 competitions of the Central European League. They came from all the Central European countries plus from Egypt, Syria, Jordania and Korea, countries not belonging to a League. In addition there was a US-American, living in Prague. For the first time the League closed with to Indoor competitions, Poznan and Warsaw, both Poland, where 150% of World Cup points could be earned. Czech Petr Dolezal won the League, ahead of Grzegorz Kubiak (POL) and the American living in Prague, Robert Chelberg.

- Petr Dolezal -CZE-Beach Girl
- Grzegorz Kubiak -POL-Orkisz, Diane des Fontenis
- Robert Chelberg -USA-Aktiv
- Ales Opatrny-CZE-Hamburg, Silvio, Grand, Crazy Love
1st Reserve : Rein Pill-EST-Ecuador
2nd Reserve : Oleg Krasiyk-UKR-Laceful, Seven Up

Canadian League (2 qualified)

There were 6 competitions in the Canadian League where a total of 26 riders competed, including two Colombians and a French living in Canada. Karen Cudmore won the League, ahead of Melissa Brown – both represented Canada at 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez (ESP).

- Karen Cudmore-CAN-Conejo
- Melissa Brown-CAN-Karolus

1st Reserve: Ian Millar-CAN-Nicos, Le Chanel, Promise Me, Aftershock
2nd Reserve: Ainsley Vince -CAN-Kafka, Catch 22

South American League – Southern Part (2 qualified)

Seven competitions have been held in South America: 4 in Brasilian cities and 3 in 3 different sites in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. Once Argentinean competition had to be cancelled. Since not all results have been received, the Final standings in the League cannot be established yet. Five riders are close toeger: Vitor Teixeira (31), Justo Albarracin and Matias Albarracin (30 each), Gregorio Werthein and Martin Moschini (29 each).

South African League (1 qualified)

Four competitions were held in South Africa, with 22 riders – all South Africans – competing. Ronnie Lawrence, who rode in the 1999 World Cup Final, won the League, ahead of Lynn Piercy,

- Ronnie Lawrence -RSA-Avis Panache
Reserve : Lynn Piercy-RSA-Piroli, Avis Ella

Central Asian League (1 qualified)

There were again three competitions in Central Asia: in Bishkek (KGZ), Almaty (KAZ) and Tashkent (UZB). 17 riders from these three countries competed. Sadir Marmitov (KGZ) won the League, ahead of last years winner, Gairat Nazarov (UZB).

- Sadir Marmitov-KGZ-Langraf
Reserve : Gairat Nazarov-UZB-Peikam

South East Asian League (1 qualified)

From 28 July to 08 September 2002 four World Cup competitions were held in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. They were held on four different sites. Helena Gabrielson, a Swedish riding instructor who lives in Thailand for nearly ten years, won the League, as she did in 2001, ahead of Syld Omar Almohdzar (MAS).

- Helena Gabrielson-SWE-Aladdin
Reserve : Syed Omar Almohdzar-MAS-O’Canthus

Japan League (1 qualified)

Four competitions were held in Japan in the 2002 / 2003 season, with six riders competing. Ryuma Hirota who rode in the 1996 and 2002 Finals, won the League again, ahead of Seiji Ninomiya and Riichiro Matsushita, who tied for second place.

- Ryuma Hirota-JPN-Zero
Reserve : Seiji Ninomiya

oR Riichiro Matsushita-JPN -JPN-Survival, Tamerlan


Western European League (18 to qualify)

8 of the 14 competitions have been held. Still to come are Leipzig (26 January), Bordeaux (08 February), Vigo (15 February), Dortmund (16 March),‘s-Hertogenbosch (23 March) and Göteborg (30 March). Paris-Bercy was cancelled.

Three times World Cup Champion Rodrigo Pessoa (winner in Verona and Geneva) is in the lead with 58 points ahead of the winner in Mechelen, Markus Merschformann (53), Jos Lansik (49), Meredith Michael-Beerbaum (45), Toni Hassmann (45), Ludger Beerbaum (43), Lars Nieberg (40) and Thomas Velin (39). Pre-qualified for the Final, 16 - 20 April 2003 in Las Vegas, is the current champion, Otto Becker.

USA East Coast League (7 to qualify)

Five of the nine competitions have been held. Still to come are two competitions each in Palm Beach and Tampa. McLain Ward, fourth in the 2002 Final in Leipzig, is in the lead with 78 points, ahead of Norman dello Joio (67), Margie Goldstein-Engle (59), Beezie Madden-Patton (53) and Leslie Howard (52). Dello Joio and Leslie Howard won part of their points in Western European competitions.

USA West Coast League (3 to qualify)

Five of the nine competitions have been held. Still to come are, from 02 February to 09 March, four competitions in Indio, California. Misti Cassar is in the lead with 58 points, ahead of Richard Spooner (56), Liz Denny (52) and Puerto Rican Mark Watring (48). The latter would qualify for the Final as an extra if he has as many points as the 3rd placed US American.

Australian League (2 to qualify)

Twelve of fifteen competitions have been held. Still to come are Dapto and Kiama in January and Canberra on 02 February. David Dobson, who rode in his first World Cup competition in 1980, is in the lead with 115 points, ahead of Chris Chugg (97), Anthony Thomas (86) and Paula Hamood (71).

New Zealand League (1 to qualify)

Eight of ten competitions have been held. Still to come are Levin and Auckland end of January. Marcus Wild is in the lead with 49 points ahead of Merrain Hain (46), Molly Savill (40) and Douglas Isaacs on (37).


The Globe Arena in Stockholm, which is hosting the Stockholm International Horse Show for 10 years have been NOMINATED for the prize of the "International Venue of the Year 2002" by American Pollstar. There are 6 candidates and the award will be presented on 8 February 2003 in Hollywood

Pollstar Awards exist since 1984. The 2002 Award will be presented in the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on 8 February 2003. It is the first time that an equestrian venue is selected in the few nominees of this prestigious award, which are selected by a committee of more than 100 personalities from the entertainment industry. Beside a number of concerts, the Globe Arena welcomes 75,000 visitors in 2002 for the Stockholm International Horse Show.


The 2002 Medals of Honour of the British Equestrian Federation are awarded to persons who have provided outstanding services in the equestrian field. Two members of the Eventing Committee were nominated, Michael Etherington-Smith, well-known director and course-designer of Blenheim and 2000 Olympic course designer, and William Henson, Director of Burghley since 1987 and representative of the Organisers within the Committee.


General Sir Cecil “Monkey” Blacker (GBR) died last November 2002. He was 86 years old. Monkey Blacker had a distinguished sporting career, riding for Great Britain in several Nations Cups. He later was Chairman of the British Show Jumping Association BSJA and then of the British Equestrian Federation.

John Devlin (CAN), for many years the Chairman of Rothmans Canada died at the end of last year, aged 82. For over 20 years, Rothmans Canada was the main supporter of Show Jumping in Canada and John Devlin, together with his wife Rosemary, who died some years ago, was a mainstay in the Canadian horse scene.

Barry Lane (USA), who rode from 1989 to 1993 in 14 World Cup competitions, died recently after suffering complications from surgery. Ms Lane was 50. The complications occurred after she was recovering from a reconstructive procedure after having been kicked by a horsed.

Trevor Banks (GBR), a prominent British horse dealer and owner, died on 10 December 2002, aged 83. He owned Hideway, which competed twice in the Olympics: in 1972 with Michael Saywell (15th) and in 1976 with Graham Fletcher (30th). He sold Goodwill to Princess Anne. On that horse, the former FEI President finished second individually in the 1975 European Championship and competed in the 1976 Olympic Games.

On 14 December 2002, the bay gelding Calypso, on which Melanie Smith won the 1982 World Cup Final in Göteborg, died. Calypso was a member of the US gold medal team at the 1984 Olympic Games. Son of Lucky Boy, Calypso was 30 years old and had competed until 1989. Since then, he lived in retirement in Tennessee.


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