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Take your lead from Strongid™-P

This year Strongid™-P is giving horse owners an added incentive to keep their equine friend healthy by giving away a smart cushion-weave lead rein and a worming planner with every two syringes of Strongid-P paste or four sachets of Strongid-P granules purchased for routine worming or double dose for tape worm in Spring 2004.

Strongid-P, the country’s favourite wormer for both routine and strategic worming, is dedicated to helping owners keep their horses in peak health. Strongid-P always remains fully up to date with all the latest worming research to make sure it can recommend the most effective annual worming programme.

A recent letter from an international group of scientists specialising in equine parasitology1 and published in the Veterinary Record last November, has highlighted that the inappropriate use of wormers may have a detrimental impact on resistance to specific chemical groups of wormer. The group’s conclusions re-enforce Strongid-P’s current educational message which emphasises the vital importance of rotating chemical groups of wormers rather than brand names in order to prevent resistance occurring. The authors went as far as saying that the use of certain products containing Moxidectin, licensed for use against inhibited larvae, four times a year as recommended was unnecessary and should be discouraged as it could increase the risk macrocyclic lactone resistance occuring.

Strongid-P Brand Manager Laura Jenkins explains: “This letter highlights the risks of wormer resistance developing if the exclusive use of particular chemical groups continues. It is crucial for horse owners to remember to change annually the chemical group of wormer they use to help prevent resistance occurring. As a general helpful rule if you used a brand of wormer beginning with the letter E as your routine wormer last year in 2003, you should choose Strongid-P as your routine wormer this year.”

Remember to ask for your lead rein when you buy your Strongid-P from your local retailer from 1st February2004

For further information and a copy of Strongid-P’s free Mary King guide to worming call Pfizer Animal Health on 01737 331333 (Option 2)


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