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Armour Gates
1001 East 25th Street / Sanford, Florida 32771
(800) 876-7706 / (407) 574-9763 fax
web address: / email:

At Last! A quick, safe, economical method of ventilating your stalls without tearing down a wall!

Armour Gates now offers our new "Airflow Vent-Panels" specifically designed to be compatible with stall walls of 2”X 6” or 2”X 8” lumber. Airflow Vent Panels can be installed into existing stall doors as well as stall walls. This product is a wonderful addition to your barn when a new "foal" arrives. This feature allows keeping tabs easier and gives the foal freedom to browse the isle while increasing ventilation.

To instantly provide increased ventilation to air bound stalls: simply remove two planks of four feet length boards at the desired vent panel location. Next, force cut boards out of opening. Finally, install our new picture framed "Airflow" Vent-Panel in the opening and secure with fasteners provided. The special design of the framing enables the covering of the "cut" boards and also "secures" any loose boards to the frame itself.

Vent Panels are available in two separate picket (bar) spacings, 3” in between for full sized horses or close-ratio 1” spacing between pickets for foals and mini's. Vent panels are available in four feet lengths, or larger if required and are manufactured with 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 1/8” angle.1” diameter round schedule 40 vertical pickets secured to frames with "concealed" welds which is "standard" with Armour Gates products.

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