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Equitana 2001

Pat Parelli will also be at the EQUITANA 2001 Horse and Rider on the same wavelength

Understanding horses, finding out what they are think and why they do what they do - when people master this communication with the four-legged animals, there is a natural bond between riders and horse, which can lead to the highest achievements and not only in top sport. One person who has mastered this communication and psychology like no one else is Pat Parelli. The Californian will be at the EQUITANA 2001 from the 8th to the 11th of March to demonstrate his natural horsemanship in the large ring (hall 6) to all visitors.

Pat Parelli is easily ranked among the horsemen who work with horses in a way which arouses in flight animals the desire to perform in a special way. Pat, who was born in the coastal region of California, had a perfectly "normal" horse career at first. As a young man he worked in riding stables and rode in rodeos, his preference being bareback. He observed many rodeo riders who were looking for a future after rodeo. It seemed logical to Pat Parelli to set up a company which would specialise in horse training and training young horses. However, the young American soon became frustrated: he no longer wanted to train horses and dispatch as soulless objects.

Two men brought about a turning point in his life. They were the Australian Tony Ernst and Troy Henry from California. Troy Henry in particular helped him to understand the mental and emotional processes in horses as flight animals and to apply these to tournament horses. He describes the principle in a way which is easy to comprehend: "Imagine what it is like for a horse. It can understand others in his herd but with the best will in the world he cannot understand what people are trying to communicate. It is as if you were living in a foreign country for years without being able to speak the language. And if someone suddenly arrives who can speak your native language - you would be instinctively drawn to him because of the possibility presented of effortless communication and understanding."

While he worked as a trainer, Pat Parelli found it discouraging to have to give the horses back each time to owners who lacked the appropriate horsemanship. Finally he started to train people also. The programme he developed, the Parelli Natural Horsemanship, will be shown at the EQUITANA 2001. This not only covers the "normal" basics of horse training but also horse psychology and behaviour, techniques in dealing with horses, whether on the ground or on the horse's back . "Horsemanship can be attained naturally through psychology, communication and understanding as opposed to mechanics, fear and intimidation (Pat Parelli)"

Information: PNH German Agency, Birger Giesescke, Tel. 05056-941 000, or Internet

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