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Equitana 2001

Sports highpoints with international participation

Cups at the EQUITANA

Sports highlights in almost all riding sports disciplines – that too is the EQUITANA 2001. Here an overview of cups and series:

IGS Carriage sports cup, Tuesday, 6th March 2001

Four-horse carriage test on class S level with terrain obstacles. The teams must complete two rounds, the results are added together. Michael Freund, Hans-Jörg Hamann, Max Dangel, Peter Tischer, Abel Unmüßig and Michael Quinkler are expected to participate.

Kühnle Children’s Cup , Tuesday, 6th March 2001.

Children of well-known carriage drivers show their skills at the reins.

Stallion Masters at euro-star, freestyle dressage for stud horses, Wednesday, 7th March 2001

10 - 12 selected stud stallions from associations or private stallion keepers demonstrate their dressage talents in free exercises to music on the St. George prize level.

EQUITANA Breeders Cup, Wednesday, 7th March 2001

A treat for breeders: six to eight teams with horses from German horse breeding associations and neighbouring countries in two rounds of class S jumping. Guaranteed excitement.

Cutting Cup, Thursday, 8th March 2001

The Western riders offer great sport: the cutting cup competition under the NCHA flag (National Cutting Horse Association) involves separating an animal as quickly as possible from a herd of cattle.

Iveco Reining Cup, Thursday, 8th March 2001

Reining is the Western riders’ dressage. The high-calibre participants starting here will give an impression of this discipline – under the patronage of the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association).

RRI Golden Kids, freestyle dressage for ponies, Friday, 9th March 2001

Giving the upcoming generation a chance. Under this slogan the freestyle dressage for pony riders will be presented by ”Reiter Revue International”. About ten pony riders, all highly decorated in international pony sport, offer a merry programme with music and costumes.

Baroque Horses Demo Cup, Saturday, 10th March 2001

Lusitanoes, Friesians or other baroque horse breeds show serious dressage at this Demo Cup. This seriousness will be demonstrated in freestyle of classes L and M up to Grand Prix with super star studding.

VW Mulitivan Cup, competition for riding school horses, Sunday, 11th March 2001

Six teams, exclusively on riding school horses, have qualified for the final during the EQUITANA. Not only must the young riders demonstrate their skills in the saddle, they must also be well-versed in theory.

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