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Equitana 2001

Portrait of a horse breed– Arabian Berbers in the Azzayani stud at the EQUITANA for the first time

The Arabian Berber is the most common horse breed In North Africa. In Southern Europe also these horses are enjoying increasing popularity. In Germany the crossbreed between the Arabian and the Berber will be presented at the EQUITANA 2001 for the first time. The Azzayani stud farm in Laubach in Hesse (run by Dr Susanne Geipert) will bring the offspring they bred themselves and horses specially imported from Morocco for the EQUITANA in Essen. The horses are to be presented by the two Moroccan riders Mimoun Ben Bouzza and Mohamed Oukhattar.

The Arabian Berber, with a height range of 15 to 16 hands emerged over 1,000 years ago through targeted cross-breeding between the Arabian and the Berber horse, which is indigenous to all of North Africa. Fans of this breed say that they unite in an ”incomparable way the advantages of both original breeds”: the courage, strong nerves, sturdiness and loyalty of the Berber with the speed, endurance and beauty of the Arabian.”

The Arabian Berbers are characterised by their soft, flowing gaits: in addition to the usual three basic gaits, they are able to develop the pace, which can also be ridden at a high speed and is comfortable to sit. In addition, the Arabian Berbers are able to perform the tolt. It is precisely because of their tolt predisposition and their pleasant honest character that these expressive horses are highly valued by the Moroccan Royal Family also.

Contact: Dr. Susanne Geipert, Tel.: 06405-50 07 89, Internet

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