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16 February 2001


The World Cup Jumping Working Group met on 10 February 2001 in Bordeaux.

The Committee acknowledged the broad acceptance of the new World Cup formula and the increased interest in covering the World Cup competitions by both EUROSPORT and terrestrial TV channels.It discussed a new proposal for Rule 654.1, regulating the invitation of riders to Western European events. An updated version will be treated by the next meeting of the Working Group, on 15 April 2001 in Göteborg.The Committee strongly feels that new events should not be added to the Western European League, but that an event, which ceases to be part of the World Cup in Western Europe can be replaced by another event in the same country.As to the coming World Cup Finals, the 2002 Final will be allocated at the World Cup meeting in Göteborg. The 2003 Final will be held in Las Vegas, where in April 2000 a most successful Final was organised.

The Committee approved the following calendar for the Western European League of the World Cup Jumping 2001 / 2002:

October 12 - 14 Oslo NOR
October 19 - 21 Helsinki FIN
November 21 - 25 Berlin GER
December 06 - 09 Geneva SUI
December 13 - 16 Amsterdam NED
December 19 - 23 London - Olympia GBR
December 26 - 30 Mechelen BEL
February 14 - 17 Bordeaux FRA
March 01 - 03 Paris - Bercy FRA
March 08 - 10 Dortmund GER
March 21 - 24 's-Hertogenbosch NED
March 28 - 31 Oviedo ESP
April 04 - 07 Göteborg SWE

At the meeting, the International Jumping Riders Club was represented by Cayetano Martinez de Irujo (ESP) and Franke Sloothaak (GER)  the World Cup Organisers by Tom Gordin (Helsinki).


The annual combined Veterinary Meetings of the MCP Testing Veterinarians, the Medication Sub-Committee and the Veterinary Committee were held in Helsinki and generously sponsored by Orion Animal Health. The debriefing session for the Testing Veterinarians centred on the appointment of a new central laboratory from July 2001 for the next four years. A possible change to the sampling kits was discussed with the Director of the new laboratory, Dr. Y. Bonnaire (FRA). Some of the more challenging substances to detect analytically, includingGrowth Hormone and Erythropoetine, were discussed. Dr.P. Kallings (SWE), one of the Testing Vets, gave a most interesting presentation on the hazards of contamination of the environment for horses by prohibited substances. This was followed by Dr. Lengel (AHSA) who provided useful advice from North America in relation to drug testing and the policy on medication.

In a combined session with the Medication Sub-Committee there was concern about lower number of positive test results reported from countries outside the MCP area. The function of the FEI listed laboratories and a proposal to improve the standard of these laboratories by introducing an annual Quality Control was considered. Finally, there was discussion on medication for conditions such as gastric ulceration in the performance horse and excessive oestrus symptoms in mares and how they might best be resolved.

A most productive two day meeting of the Veterinary Committee considered a whole range of issues including:
* The current proposals for the Standardisation of Horse Inspections were reviewed in light of some comments and concerns that had been received from the Jumping and Driving disciplines. The text was amended to incorporate these views and the final draft will be presented for approval at the forthcoming General Assembly in San Francisco.
* The latest draft version of the Veterinary Regulations was reviewed in detail and several minor modifications were incorporated. The Committee will seek approval of the amendments at the General Assembly.
* Medication Control - Dr. Higgins (Hon.Scientific Advisor) presented a discussion paper on the future strategy of medication control in the FEI. The MCP programme has been in place for a over 10 years and ways of strengthening it were discussed.
* Eventing - The Committee had been asked to provide veterinary advice on the proposals currently under consideration by the Eventing Committee on the future of the sport. A final report will be made to the Eventing Committee in the near future.
* Infectious Diseases - The problem of West Nile virus was discussed. Attempts are currently being made to resuscitate a discussion on the disease between the EU and USA.
* Research -The project on the use of thermography is close to its completion. The Committee reviewed the progress and reported results thus far. In addition, a study on salicylates (aspirin) is currently being carried out, to verify if the existing threshold level (750 mg) may need to be modified. A report on the pilot study funded by the FEI on falls in Eventing was received and the good news that a 3 year project was about to get underway supported by the Home of Rest for Horses.


The FEI has signed an extended contract with the World Anti-Doping Agency.As the previous contract with WADA expired on 1 January 2001, the FEI has joined many other International Federations in their continuous efforts to combat doping in sport, by signing an extension to the former contract. All FEI competitors are subject to in-competition and out-of-competition dope tests in accordance with the FEI General Regulations and the IOCs Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code.


The FEI Driving Committee Chairman, Mr Jack Pemberton is pleased to announce that the carriage producer Kuehnle Kutschenmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG from Germany will sponsor the Top Driver Award for Singles introduced in 2001. Kuehnle has a five-year agreement beginning in 2001 and ending in 2005.

Balkan Championships
Jumping/Dressage ROM Piatra Neamt 15 - 19 August
Eventing C* TUR Ankara 19 - 22 July


Mr Christian Lamparter, a prominent German Driving personality, died end of January, aged 93. Mr Lamparter was Author on Driving books, FEI Judge, Organiser of the 1977 Four-in-Hand Championships in Donaueschingen, Trainer and Chef d'Equipe. Mr Horst von Trotha, for many years the Managing Director of the German Riders and Drivers Association, passed away end of January, aged 91.


Recently, amongst other projects, the FEI Development Department has supplied computers to Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. A total of 14 computers with basic programmes were sent to these countries.


Due to a complete re-scheduling of the 2000 edition of the FEI World Dressage Challenge, the competition in Group III (Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador) took place from 15-25 January 2001. However, Venezuela withdrew and El Salvador was unable to organise the event subsequent to the terrible earthquake, which occurred in this country. Bolivia entered 14 riders in the Challenge classes and 6 in the Children's class while Honduras had 16 Challenge riders and 9 Children.

Test A - Advanced Level
1 Barbara Zamora Tambo Lucky Loke BOL 60.00 %
2Danielle Kluck Jeop HON 58.57 %
3ElkeLorenzen Beethoven BOL 57.43 %
Test B - Novice Level

1Elise Atwood Golden Light HON 63.60 %
2 Daniela Pineda Florida HON 60.20 %
3Melissa Bolaños Bimerella HON 59.40 %

Team Classification

1 Honduras 176.80%
2 Bolivia 169.86%

Children Class

1 Natalie Zamora Bambino BOL 316 points
2 Alessa Habermann Capuchino BOL 315 points
3 Noelle Etienne Sajama BOL 304 points

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