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Better Pet Care With Soda Crystals

Don't let the cost of some of today's cleaning sprays put you off giving your pet's cage or pen a regular clean out.

There is a less expensive solution to making sure your pet has a clean, hygienic place to live and you don't even have to go to a specialist pet shop to buy it. You will find Soda Crystals, the cleaning solution used by generations of households, in every supermarket chain store throughout the U.K. They are displayed in the laundry or household products section and will cost you around 84p for a 1Kg pack.

The beauty of Soda Crystals is that you can mix them to the strength you need for the job. And you can make up as much or as little of the solution as you want. For tackling particularly dirty jobs, use a strong Soda Crystals solution. Dissolve one cup of Soda Crystals to every pint of hot water used. For a regular strength solution, reduce the Soda Crystals to half a cup for every pint of hot water used.

Soda Crystals can be used to clean up any surfaces except for aluminium, so other metals, wood, plastic and tiles will all benefit from their power to loosen dirt and dissolve grease. Soda Crystals also come ready-to-use in a squeezy style bottle which costs £1.14p. For more information on using Soda Crystals around the home and garden, ring the Soda Crystals Helpline on 0115 932 5165 and ask for a leaflet.

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