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Theft of horses and tack and attacks on horses in South Yorkshire since 01/01/2002.

Stolen from Hoyland, 12/13th February 2002: -
Ifor Williams HB505R trailer, serial no 242495, white roof, deep red body. Front and rear load, ramps are rubber lined. Rubber flooring inside with white interior. Black body panels. Central partition with rubber flap. Rear breast bar covered with pillowcase, all are metal. Rear light lense broken. Possibly has 'Swillington' stickers on box. Contained hay nets and portaloo.
Crime ref. EE/01174/2002

Stolen from Armthorpe, 9/10th February 2002: -
Shireoak brown GP 15" medium fit saddle with DN3 2PQ stamped on stirrup bars and WD on flaps. Has either green & white girth or a yellow girth and a unique green Nag Rag saddlecloth. Also had stirrup irons and leathers.
Black pony saddle with stirrup irons and leathers and girth.
Continental Pony Bridle with eggbut 4" or 4.5" snaffle bit
Sabre Pony bridle with Continental 3-ring happy mouth gag bit and Sabre reins
Black headcollar and lead rope
Multi-coloured headcollar & lead rope
Blue headcollar
Pony rug in red & blue, size 5'6" or 5'9"
3 feed buckets with name of Watkin-Drury in yellow underneath.
Sabre bridle headpiece in brown, cob size with reins.
Crime ref. BB/01266/2002

Cody has been recovered (March 2002)

Stolen 26th January 2002 from West Yorkshire: -
Cody - a 15.2h dark bay Dutch Warmblood mare with a deep
scar on r/knee with white rim mark above hoof. Very small Star
to right of face. Microchipped.
Photographed May 1999.
West Yorkshire Police crime ref. CB/01/1043
Or contact


Stolen from Ulley on 26th January 2002: -
Thorowgood synthetic blue pony saddle-front binding worn & will lift. Stirrup bars have a postcode on. Has blue webbing girth and red numnah
Synthetic deep seat straight cut saddle. Rough on saddle flaps. Black Stubben string girth and purple Poly Pad saddlecloth
Horse & Rider wide black pony saddle with leathers and irons, green numnah and plain Cottage Craft girth
Jeffries pony bridle with cavesson noseband, plain leather reins and eggbut snaffle bit.
Crime ref. FF/00755/2002

Stolen from Wortley near Barnsley 17/18th January 2002: -
Albion Cross-Country 17" med/wide saddles in black with girth, leathers, irons and white numnah
Sabre black bridle with flash noseband, rubber reins and KK Ultra loose ring snaffle bit 6/6.5"
Hunting breast plate in black
Petre black riding boots size 6 or 7 with spurs
Caldene Hunting jacket in navy blue wool, size 38" with white/yellow check lining
Keepers Tweed, size 38" in blue
Charles Owen Showjumper 2000 riding hat in navy blue velert
Pr Roeckl black riding gloves
Navy blue event whip
Pr medicine boots
Pr overreach boots
Polar fleece cooler rug 6'3"
Crime ref. EE/00497/2002

Stolen from Cudworth near Barnsley, South Yorkshire 5th January 2002: -

Chestnut gelding Arab, 15h, white blaze, 4 white socks, branded A5 V5
Mare, 14.2h cob
Crime ref. EE/00200/2002

Stolen by removing them from horses in a stable block from Wortley near Barnsley, between2/3 January 2002: -
Masta stable rug in blue
Masta stable rug in green
Rambo rug in purple
Rambo checked rug in green/cream
Kingshead blue rug marked 'HB'
Todd tartan stable rug in white & blue
Brown checked rug
Crime ref. EE/000061/2002


Incident 1116 240202
Harlington, Doncaster , a 11.2 5yr old palomino mare attacked by having electric cable tied around hind legs and shredded rug. Cable obtained by ripping it from field shelter (used to power light from car battery) and the rug was taken from another horse in a different field near by. See also incident on 24012002.

Incident 754 240202
Bridle path, Barnsley. 4 riders on bridle path are being terrorised by youths on m/bikes (trials). States is regular thing & that Mounted section caught 25 of them 2 wks ago. Asks if this can be done again, as situation is dangerous. Threats have been made to the riders by the bikers.

Incident 997 140202
Hatfield. Number of youths throwing objects at horse in field. Earlier youths causing problems with m/bikes and cars.

Incident 1061 080202
Hoyland. Someone opened gate and let out two small Shetlands ponies from their field. Found later in another field.

Incident 942 250102
Horses are corralled but that someone keeps pulling the fence down - 2 brown, 1 brown and white wandering on Silver St, Dalton, Rotherham.

Incident 751 250102
Barnsley states known youth has with others attacked 2 horses on Littleworth Lane by poking them in the eyes.

Rung in 240102
Horses in field at Harlington, Doncaster,-states found 3 horses Monday morning had been tied together and attached to a fence then their rugs pulled up to their heads. Horses distressed esp. yearling. See incident 1116 240202

Incident 540 12.01.02
Aston Lane, Swallownest- horse attacked by pit bull terrier-owner of dog present. No injuries sustained.

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