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Vetalintex Wound Hydrogel Launched

Robinson Animal Healthcare have extended their range of equine first aid and veterinary products with the launch of Vetalintex, Wound Hydrogel. The gel is presented in an easy to apply 15g tube and is an ideal addition to any equine first aid kit.

Using a hydrogel can help to maintain a moist wound environment, considered to be important for the healing process to take place at the optimum rate. Vetalintex has the ability to donate moisture to a dry wound, helping to remove any dead cells but is also able to absorb excess fluid, helping to avoid further damage.

Wounds should be thoroughly lavaged with saline solution before applying Vetalintex Wound Hydrogel. If sterile saline is not available, make a saline solution by adding one level teaspoon of salt per pint of previously boiled water. The gel should be generously applied to the wound surface in a single application and then whenever possible covered with a sterile, low-adherent dressing. The dressing should be changed daily although under the direction of a veterinary surgeon can be left on longer depending on the condition of the wound. Hydrogel dressings are not suitable for heavily infected wounds which should always be treated under veterinary supervision.

Vetalintex Wound Hydrogel together with a free information leaflet on moist wound healing is available from your veterinary surgeon or from most equestrian and agricultural retail outlets.

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