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Best Bedding Alternative

Equi-Litter, Ltd. announced today that they have expanded the distribution of its Equi-Litter Premium Horse Stall Bedding to all areas of the continental United States.

Equi-Litter Stall Bedding is a pelletized 100% all natural pine wood product developed specifically as a safe, more absorbent, labor-reducing alternative to traditional bedding materials. Stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process assures you of consistent quality in every easy to handle 40lb. bag. Now equine breeders, concerned with problems associated with straw, shavings or ground corn cobs, such as respiratory ailments, impaction colic, waste composting abilities, and storage space have a readily available alternative solution.

In lab tests to ensure against 19 types of aflatoxins and mycotoxins potentially harmful to horses, and product testing against traditional bedding materials and similar products, Equi-Litter has proved to be "clearly the best". Also, moisture and odiferous ammonia settle to the base of the bedding, leaving the surface dry, comfortable and clean. As Equi-Litter pellets absorb moisture, they grow and expand forming a soft bedding material, closely resembling a more natural footing and sleeping area for your horse.

Equi-Litter eases and speeds waste handling and removal. With traditional bedding, solid waste becomes mixed and laden with bedding material, adding to weight and volume. With Equi-Litter, you pick up only the solid waste and the bedding is left behind.

Equi-Litter is a very cost-effective alternative to other types of bedding. Typically Equi-Litter costs less than bagged shavings on a per stall basis. Breeders will also see cost savings in less cleanup time, grooming and waste disposal. Safe, ecological, time saving and economical, Equi-Litter is a welcome stall bedding alternative for all thoroughbred breeders.

For more information, including performance data, product comparisons and availability, visit

Equi-Litter is distributed Nationally by Animal Bedding Supply Company, 22075 Free Church Road, South Beloit, IL 61080. For availability in your area call 866-211-3287


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