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The Great Icelandic Horse Fair is coming to a state near you!
ICELANDICS on ICE is the COOLEST equine event in the WORLD!

Icelandics are coming! Icelandics are coming! The Great Icelandic Horse Fair is preparing a great adventure in the beginning of September 2003. Accompanied by a television film crew, a group of twelve professional riders, trainers, clinicians and breeders with 12 specially selected imported Icelandic horses will be touring from New York to New Mexico over a six weeks period. This adventure is to introduce the unique 5-gaited horse breed from Iceland and the TGIHF group will demonstrate the distinctive
skills of these horses with their trademark shows on ice at indoor ice arenas in each state they visit. This event includes everything from tolt competition to dancing with ice skaters and is definitely the coolest equine event in the world!

TGIHF is the first group to introduce this horse breed on ice in the US and has performed at three very successful events here. During the upcoming tour, the TGIHF group will also be visiting as many schools and Universities with equine programs as possible.

Beginning in September, TGIHF will be in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Schools and groups interested in having a TGIHF demonstration in any of the states listed may contact TGIHF at:

The Great Icelandic Horse Fair is fortunate to have many supporters in the United States who are assisting the group in scheduling these events. While the group is traveling with horse trailers and television film crew, they invite fans of the breed to tag along to experience part of their exciting journey across America.

We will be travelling for 6 weeks and foucsing on drawing a lot of media attention. The TV program that will be made abou tthis adventure will be put on the market in the US, and of course shown in Iceland.

We hope you will find this interesting - please contact us if you would like more information.

thank you and best wishes from Iceland
Bibi and Bjossi

TGIHF in Dillsburg in April 10-13th 2003 all info on

TGIHF State to State September 2003 Just up-dated
TGIHF clincians and promotors


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