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APHA American Paint Horses to be featured on HorseTV

FORT WORTH-Beautiful American Paint Horses will be showcased on television screens across America April 5-9 with the HorseTV airing of a 21-minute segment created by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA).

HorseTV programming airs on RFD-TV, a new 24-hour-per-day television network geared toward the interests of rural Americans. It is carried on The DISH Network's Channel 9409.

Specific air times for the show, adapted from APHA's The American Paint Horse video, will be repeated four times each day and can be found on the daily program schedule at

The show will focus on the world of Paint Horses, one of the most popular horse breeds in the world. A versatile athlete, the Paint Horse has captured many equine enthusiasts' hearts with its powerful build, gentle nature and spectacular coat patterns.

The show will take viewers on an exciting journey exploring the world of the talented Paint Horse, from the beach trails of the Pacific coast to the gently rolling hills of Kentucky's Bluegrass Country. Viewers will also visit show rings, working ranches, rodeos and racetracks to see the versatile Paints in action.

HorseTV programmers estimate that more than 500,000 people around the nation regularly tune in to watch its equine-related specials.

For more information on HorseTV and its programming, visit

The American Paint Horse video airing on HorseTV may be purchased directly from the American Paint Horse Association by calling the APHA General Store at (877) 460-6275. It can also be ordered on-line at

More about APHA and the American Paint Horse
The APHA was founded in 1962. By that year's end, early association members had recruited 150 fellow Paint Horse enthusiasts and registered 250 horses. By the end of 2000, APHA had enrolled more than 100,000 members and registered nearly 593,000 Paint Horses.

The Fort Worth-based non-profit association employs 165 people and maintains an operating budget of more than $15 million for activities worldwide.

For more information about APHA, APHA programs and the American Paint Horse, call (817) 834-2742, ext. 788, or log on to

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