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Brookhill Steeplechase Killer Creative Builds ‘Killer’ Brookhill Steeplechase Marketing Campaign

Raleigh – Build a website. Define an event ID. Establish a theme. Create a brand. Develop a media campaign.

Marketing statistics show that of the 1,500 ads the average consumer views every day, only 15 will be remembered. In an area that provides many opportunities to attend outdoor events, Killer Creative Group has excelled in creating a catchy and whimsical advertising campaign for the Brookhill Steeplechase. With print ads beginning March 28, TV ads beginning March 26, and radio ads beginning the week of April 9, the Brookhill Steeplechase will soon be a household name in the Triangle area.

Clayton resident Dave Kilian, Creative Director of Killer Creative Group, states "We're very excited to be working with the Steeplechase again this year. The fun nature of the event and the stereotype of a typical steeplechaser provided an opportunity to do some really great tongue-in-cheek concepts for the marketing campaign. For example, one of the ads we developed, 'Whisperer,' reads: 'It's Just Like The Horse Whisperer. Only Everyone Is Screaming And A Little Tipsy.' That one got a lot of laughs."

“Killer Creative Group has brought the Brookhill Steeplechase's branding to a new and exciting level. Dave Kilian's team of creative, design and corporate identity professionals have helped present Brookhill in it’s true form - an upscale event, fun and exciting to all who attend - and in a way that reaches our loyal following who return to Brookhill year after year,” compliments Brookhill Marketing Vice Chair, Dupre Jones.

Killer Creative Group joins media sponsors the Spectator, Curtis Media Group, the Clayton News-Star, and Time Warner Cable. In addition to the Raleigh Jaycee’s Brookhill Steeplechase media campaign, Killer Creative work includes Darryl’s, the Carolina Brewery, the Brookhill Steeplechase Juleps & Jockeys Gala, Direc4U, Tequi, The Cambridge Group, Weathervane Music, and Corporate Chaplains of America.

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