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27 March 2001


Western European League

Today, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture did not take a decision on possible exception on ban of movement of horses for the riders qualified to the World Cup Final Jumping. They will meet again on Monday and inform the FEI.As Sweden will only allow horses into the country, if these horses have been resident in a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)-free country for the last 14 days prior to their arrival in Sweden, it is unlikely that they can arrive on time to participate to the Final.

BELLudo Philippaerts, Marc van Dijck will arrive Saturday morning to Sweden
Jos Lansink is still in Belgium
GBR Michael Whitaker is alreadyin Sweden (Helsinborg)
GERLudger Beerbaum, Otto Becker,René Tebbel, Thomas Voss, Markus Beerbaum,Markus Ehning, Franke Sloothaak, Lars Nieberg, Helena Weinberg are all in Sweden
Carsten-Otto Nagel will take a decision on Monday.
IRL Peter Charles is blocked in the Netherlands.
Jessica Kurten is staying by Maria Gretzer in Sweden.
ITA Jerry Smit is in Sweden.
NEDJan Tops, Wim Schröder,Gerco Schröder, Yves Houtackers are blocked in the Netherlands
NOR Geir Gulliksen is still in Norway.
SUIWilli Melliger, Markus Fuchs should leave Switzerland middle of next week.
Beat Mändli will confirm next Monday if he participates
SWERolf-Göran Bengtsson is in Sweden
The World Cup title holder, Rodrigo Pessoa is already in Sweden.

Central European League
Grzegorz Kubiak (POL) is in Sweden and Krzysztof Prasek (POL)has not left Poland yet.
Canadian League
Mario Deslauriers is in Helsinborg. Jay Hayes in Europe and Jonathon Millar still waiting in Florida.
South East Asian League
The League winner, Helena Gabrielson, will compete in the Final in her native Sweden. She is already in Sweden.
Central Asian League
No rider will participate (horse injured)
Japan League
Chieko Yamaguchi was the league winner and she intends to compete in the Final. She is presently in Germany (Lars Nieberg's stables)
South American League - Southern Part:
The 5th placed Manoel Poladian Filho intends to compete in the Final. He is flying to Sweden on Monday via Frankfurt.
South African League
No rider will come.
Australia League
No rider will come (quarantine conditions to come back make it too difficult)
New Zealand League
No rider will come
USA West Coast League
The top three placed, Dick Carvin, Ray Texel and Nicole Shahinian - Simpson intend to compete in the Final. They are still waiting in California.
USA East Coast League
Last competition in Tampa was held yesterday. The original intention was to leave for Europe on 8 April but a final decision is to be taken tonight.
The League leader, Peter Wylde is blocked in the Netherlands.

For further information, please call the Organisers of Göteborg Horse Show,
Torild Berg, +46 31 61 56 72 or +46 705 82 84 15, Ulf Bergqvist +46 708 35 35 52 or Wiveka Lundh +46 705 23 62 60


As Denmark does not impose the 14-day restriction as Sweden, there is still a chance that Dutch Dressage riders can participate to the World Cup Dressage Final if the Ministry of Agriculture decides next Monday to allow exception to the ban of movement of animals for competition horses.This would mean that those horses could be transported under special conditions outside of the country. More news on Monday. More news on Monday.


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