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NFU President Ben Gill yesterday issued an appeal to shops, pubs, libraries and newspapers to help the NFU say "Thank you" to the public on behalf of Britain's farmers.

Businesses across Britain are being asked to display posters printed by the NFU that express farmers' gratitude to the public for standing by farmers and their families during the current foot and mouth crisis.

The current movement restrictions mean that many farmers are trapped on their farms and cannot get out and about to thank the public in person.

But Mr Gill says they desperately want to let people know how grateful they are and to encourage them to keep buying British.

As part of a new Supporting Farmers in Crisis campaign, the NFU is to print around 20,000 posters for display up and down the country. Copies will be available from the NFU's regional offices, its Business magazine, the NFU web site and a special hotline number.*

The NFU is appealing to all newspapers, shops, pubs, restaurants or libraries - in fact anyone who could display a poster - to help out with this campaign.

Mr Gill said: "Right across Britain, farmers and their families are living through their worse nightmare.

"They have told us that the support they continue to receive from the public is the one sustaining light keeping them going.

"The level of support we have received so far has been overwhelming with people responding magnificently to our request to stay away from affected areas of countryside and to keep buying British food.

"But as the crisis deepens we are even more reliant than ever on their goodwill. We hope this poster campaign will show people how much we appreciate it."

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