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Horse Sanctuary and Visitor Centre with a "QUIET PRESENCE OF DIGNITY"

The Home of "Goliath" the "Guinness" Tallest Horse in the World.

Goliath and his friends need help and fast...... Please?


Due to the Foot and Mouth Disease crisis in Great Britain, visitors are not going to the countryside.

The Northcote Horse Sanctuary would normally open to visitors in April and the income from visitors is critical as all centre funds have been used up during the winter months

The centre is not opening until the disease is under control as within a 2 mile radius of the centre are farms with over 10,000 pedigree sheep, beef cattle and pigs.

Several of these farmers supply the centre with all it's hay, straw and oats etc.

If FMD were to enter this area we would never know it was not our fault.

When the centre does openm to visitors in May or June we know that nymbers will be drastically low for the rest of the year.

To survive, we need tochange our funding structure very quickly to increase our income from donations and adoptions of the horses.

Supporters could run coffee mornings, raffles, boot sales, slide shows etc. We will provide pictures and information on the horses.

Donations and Adoption requests can be sent by mail, fax or email.

We can accept credit card donations by phone or our website.

Goliath and his big friends will be most grateful for any help you can give please.

Great Steeping, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5PS, UK

Tel/Fax 01754 830286 Mobile Phone No: 078998 15960 e mail:

Web Site and "on-line Shop":

A unique non-profit making establishment where visitors are entertained and educated by the horses themselves

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