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The College

Event Diary 2001

3rd April Unaffiliated Dressage
4th April British Dressage
5th April Arjen Teeuwissen Dressage Clinic
6th April Arjen Teeuwissen Dressage Clinic
7th April Unaffiliated S J
8th April BSJA Seniors
10th April BSJA Seniors
11th April Unaffiliated S J
13th April British Dressage
14th April Unaffiliated Dressage
16th April British Dressage Premier
17th April British Dressage Premier & Gala
18th April British Dressage Premier
21st April BSJA Juniors
22nd April BSJA Juniors
23rd April Young Guns SJ Demo & Clinic
24th April BSJA Seniors
25th April Jill Day Clinic
28th April BSJA Seniors
29th April BSJA Seniors
30th April BSJA Seniors
1st May BSJA Seniors
5th May Unaffiliated Dressage
6th May British Dressage
7th May Showing P(UK)
8th May Unaffiliated Dressage
9th May British Dressage
12th May BSJA Juniors
13th May BSJA Seniors
15th May BSJA Seniors
16th May British Dressage Winter Semi Final
17th May British Dressage Winter Semi Final
19th May Sport Horse Show - Dressage
20th May Sport Horse Show
Dressage with Jumping
& Winergy Potential Event Horse
& SHB(GB) Sport Horse Classes
21st May Judy Harvey Clinic (EADG)
22nd May Unaffiliated Dressage
23rd May British Dressage
26th May BSJA Juniors
27th May BSJA Juniors
28th May BSJA Seniors
29th May BSJA Seniors
30th May Unaffiliated Show Jumping
2nd June Combined training
3rd June BHTA Novice Event
4th June D Trott Clinic
5th June Unaffiliated Dressage
6th June British Dressage
9th June Unaffiliated S J
10th June Jeep NRF Horsepower Event
BSJA Seniors
12th June BSJA Seniors
16th June Unaffiliated Dressage
17th June British Dressage
18th June Jill Day Clinic
19th June Unaffiliated Dressage
20th June British Dressage
23rd June Unaffiliated S J
24th June BSJA Seniors
26th June BSJA Seniors
28th June Michael Pace Lecture / Demo
30th June BSJA Juniors
1st July BSJA Juniors

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