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The British Horse Society BHS Junior Progressive Riding Tests

The British Horse Society has introduced a new junior version of the BHS
Progressive Riding Tests which will be available from 1 April.

For many years the BHS Progressive Riding Tests have been providing a
worthwhile system for learning progression in riding and stable management
among those who want a systematic learning programme and accreditation for
progress made. They are designed for the leisure rider though they can lead
in to the BHS exams system for those who decide to go on and take
professional qualifications.

The BHS have now put in place a programme for youngsters aged approximately
6 to 11 years. As with the adult version, they will be run at BHS Approved
riding schools and examined by BHS Registered Instructors.

There are five tests in both riding and stable management. Both of these
sections can be taken separately, so if a youngster wants to do just one or
the other, they can. Candidates are awarded a badge and a signed certificate
once they have completed both sections.

The method of training for the test is very flexible, and can be done at
weekly lessons or at a pony day for instance.

For more information about how to take the BHS Junior Progressive Riding
Tests, contact your local BHS approved riding school. There is a list on
the BHS website ( ) or ring BHS HQ at Stoneleigh on 08701 202244.


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