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XP Triple Action

Up to 10% less mucking out ! ….. findings show horses produce up to 10% less droppings when supplemented with Dengie XP Triple Action!….

A recent trial of Dengie's unique three-phase probiotic XP Triple, a combined yeast, nine-strain probiotic and pre-biotic, at Writtle College showed some impressive results that were greater than those previously seen by supplementing yeast alone.

" XP Triple Action significantly improved the digestion of fibre, protein, oil and certain minerals, helping the horse utilise their feed better.

" Increased the faecal pH which is likely to reflect an improved hindgut environment, that would favour the growth of 'friendly' microflora.

" Reduced faecal output by up to 10%, which basically means that you have 10% fewer droppings per day to remove! This is likely to be due to a combination of improved dropping consistency as well as the increase in total feed utilisation.

XP Triple Action was highly palitable and can be fed as a short term course for acute problems such as scouring, during and after drug therapy or for stress, such as travelling and competing. XP Triple Action may also be fed on a long term basis to enhanced feed utilisation, ideal for poor doers, veterans and horses under stress.

For further information on probiotics or for free feeding advice call the
Dengie Feedline 0845 345 5115 or visit or email

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