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Irish Participation In International Equestrian Events

CSI-W PARIS 8-10 MARCH 2002 ­ Cameron Hanley with Jerome, Honnie and
Claydons Phoenix and Dermott Lennon with Liscalgot, Anthem and Ginger Watt.
Tel +33 1 48 04 93 72, fax +33 1 42 71 88 46, e-mail

CSI-W DORTMUND 15-17 MARCH 2002 ­ Jessica Kurten with Paavo N, Duke of
Lando, Gero 82 and Quebel (for the young horse classes), Cameron Hanley with
Jerome, Claydons Phoenix, Cloudy Night and Gypsy de Bacon (young horse),
Dermott Lennon with Garronturton Lady, Liscalgot and Anthem or Ginger Watt
and Dennis Lynch for group B classes with Luigy K, Chester, El Ricko and
Gipsy de Valle (young horse). Tel +49 4441 969 0, fax +49 4441 969 155.

CDI*** STADL PAURA 28 MARCH-1 APRIL 2002 ­ Anna Merveldt-Steffens with
Fosbury (big tour) and Hera III (small tour). Tel +43 2254 73991, fax +43
2254 73991, e-mail

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