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New Girth Design Maximises Comfort Of The Horse

After a long search, The Free 'n' Easy Saddle Company has discovered a girth design to complement its revolutionary saddles; as part of its aim to saddle the 'whole horse'. The solution is a strategically designed, padded and elasticated leather girth, which offers maximum comfort for the horse and prevents over-girthing.

It's unique design:

" Is wide at the point where the load is applied to the sternum, so preventing pressure discomfort

" Has a central elastic strap which provides an even, expandable pull so the girth is never too tight and the chest can expand when breathing

" Has a D ring to attach a breast plate or running martingale, which relieves any pressure discomfort on the sternum from a breast plate or martingale loop

" Is made of a soft padded, quality leather to make the horse as comfortable as possible

The Free 'n' Easy girth is made to the length specified by the customer in both standard and dressage versions to fit any saddle.

Free 'n' Easy girths are priced at £100 and are available in Black, Light Brown or Havana. They are available from your local Free 'n' Easy saddle fitter or by direct mail from Free 'n' Easy on: 01833-640887.

The Free 'n' Easy Saddle Company offers a well-proven alternative to all types of conventional saddles, based on a unique flexible panel system.

To find your local Free 'n' Easy saddle fitter, visit

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