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Launch Of The Myler Team UK

An unprecendented gathering of top riders, drivers and trainers took place on Friday 15th February at Patchetts Equestrian Centre, when Dale Myler gave a bitting demonstration and the new Myler Team UK was launched.

The Myler Team UK is a group of well-respected horsemen from across all disciplines, both amateur and professional, including both top and up-and-coming junior competitors.

The Team members are all enthusiastic proponents of The Myler Bitting System and are working with Belstane (the UK distributors), to promote better understanding of The Myler System and indeed bitting in general.

The Myler Team UK

Christopher Bartle
Jeanette Brakewell
Beccy Broughton
Gary Docking
Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks
Di Hayes
James Lucas
Richard Maxwell
Robert Oliver
Anna Ross

3 members of the Team, Jeanette Brakewell (Olympic Silver Medallist and European Gold Medallist) ; Di Hayes (National Points Champio in Single Carriage Horse Driving Trials) ; and Anna Ross (a most successful young dressage rider who also manages the London Equestrian Center), brought horses. They were both delighted and fascinated with the improvements Dale Myer's bitting suggestions made to their horses and the audiemce, including the other team members, members of the press and other riders and trainers, were equally as impressed.

"It was a privilege to have the opportunity to show the Myler Bitting System to a group of such talented horsemen" said Dale Myler "and it is wonderful to hear how the bits are helping riders from all equestrian sports to get the best from their horses."

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