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Revolutionary New Boots From New Equine Wear

Interchangeable 'PADUPS' for leisure riders a 'first' in protective boot design

Self-ventilating lining… waterproof…one hundred per cent shock absorbent

New Equine Wear, the specialist protective boot manufacturer, has achieved a range of interchangeable boots designed specifically for the leisure rider. Painstaking development means each style may be fitted to either near or offside leg, and either front or and hind leg, with reinforced areas protecting either cannon bone or tendon as required.

An ultra tough strike pad is made from thermo-moulded, high density and shock-absorbing foam, as used in shoe soling, a process also developed by the company. This incredibly durable material is already used by New Equine Wear competition boots at the highest levels of sport. Patents pending

'PADUPS' are lined with light, comfortable orthopaedic 'Airoflow' foam, deep-channelled in a revolutionary diamond pattern. This innovative lining 'pumps' air across the skin surface by the movement of the horse's leg. Thus the boot positively ventilates rather than merely 'breathes'.

Any dirt particles move into the channels, obviating chafing. The foam also allows air to flow through the boot even in deep mud - a common problem for riders - ensuring a vacuum cannot form and the boot does not slip down the leg.

Fitting and looking after PADUPS is simple, thanks to a unique, double velcro-style strap system called 'Flatloop'. Two sturdy straps are fed through slots in a tough, flexible shell covering one half of the boot, then fasten back on themselves, giving a very secure fit.
All materials used in PADUPS are waterproof, meaning the wettest mud and dirt will just slide off.

These truly low-maintenance boots can be washed in a domestic washing machine at 40 C., hosed off, or brushed in soapy water. Shake off any water droplets and ride away! Instant drying time guaranteed!

Seams are double stitched with rot-proof thread and all materials used are shock-absorbent, giving the best possible protection.

PADUPS are inexpensive and made in Britain at New Equine Wear's Somerset factory.
Brushing boots RRP £22.00 per pair. Black only. Fetlock Boots £17.50 per pair. Black only. Open Showjumping boots: £20.00 per pair. Small, medium and large, from tack shops and saddlers nationwide.

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