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New for 2002 Sportz Truck Tent II Arrives !!!

The latest addition to the truck tent camping experience, Sportz Truck Tent II.

This ingenious new tent is designed to include the tailgate, providing an extra two feet of sleeping and storage space, a larger door for easier entrance, and an access sleeve has been added to allow cords to run to and from the cab. This tent will be available in all 6 sizes. Sportz II is fully enclosed providing a clean and dry campsite in the back of your truck. Included is a 6' canopy that extends off the end of the truck tent, allowing you shade from the hot sun. Available January 2002.
Suggested Retail Sportz II $ 179.95

The Sportz Truck Tent is a necessity for today's hunter, fisherman, camper and outdoor sports enthusiast. This patented nylon tent fits into the bed of virtually any pick-up truck on the market today, in less than 10 minutes! No more worrying about finding that perfect campsite. Features include a polyurethane floor, fiberglass poles, large mesh windows, and a rain fly that extends out over the windows for excellent ventilation. The tent is fully enclosed and comes complete with rain fly. After a good night's sleep, it folds up into a small carrying bag that fits conveniently behind your seat!

Designed to fit most mini vans and mid-size SUVs

Napier introduces the latest in camping experiences, the Sportz SUV Tent. Designed to wrap around your SUV or mini van, the Sportz SUV Tent provides you with the ultimate in tent camping design.

Featuring a large entrance door & windows, full-size 6'x6' canopy, gear loft and mesh pockets for additional storage, the Sportz SUV tent sets up in minutes and allows you the convenience of being able to drive away while your tent remains standing.

This 8-1/2'x8-1/2'x7' high tent provides sleeping space for four along with the additional space provided by your SUV or mini van.

Sportz SUV Tent will be available for sale at your local outdoor retailer this spring, visit or call 1-800-567-2434 for more details.

Suggested retail: $189.95

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