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The Chill Master boot from Equitector

The team were happy to be asked to review the Chill Master boot from Equitector. The boot was tested over the period of one year giving us the chance to test it in all conditions from ankle deep mud and snow to summer heat.

The Chill Master boot features a unique heat reflective lining membrane which traps heat inside the boot and keeps feet at body temperature irrespective of the weather conditions. The boots manufacturers state that this system is effective at temperatures down to -25 degrees - our tester did not encounter such severe temperatures, but given the performance of the boot we are happy to take their word for it. This system also works in reverse to keep feet cool in warmer weather.

We can attest to the fact that it works! The Chill Master boot effectively keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The sturdy sole also provides good grip on slippery and icy ground.

The next revelation provided by the Chill Master boot came when our tester (who since childhood has gripped up with the right knee causing a tendency to lose her right stirrup, particularly in the middle of a jumping course!) noticed that she had not lost a stirrup since riding in the boots! A browse through the literature provided the answer: Equitector boots are fitted with the unique "Easy Rider" Balance System which keeps the foot in alignment with the stirrup and effectively helps prevent the loss of stirrups..

The boots are sturdy enough to stand up to work in the stable, great to ride in and smart enough to wear at a competition in combination with half chaps or gaiters. They also incorporate a protective steel toe cap, but are so well designed that the toecap is not prominent and the style of the boot is maintained.

Our tester does stable work, rides at least two horses each day and tackles muddy field gateways throughout the winter months and feels that few boots could perform as well in all these areas..

It has to be said that not every boot could cope with the abuse (shown below and left) that we inflicted on the Chill Master on a daily basis! A quick clean after the day's work is done produces the boot in the condition shown in the photo below on the right - one would never guess at the state it was in minutes earlier!

after a day's work .......

after a clean up

We are pleased to be able to say that the pair of boots we tested are still going strong after a year of very hard work!

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