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TopSpec Launch New Racing Feed Balancer

TOPSPEC Equine has launched a new feed balancer for racehorses.

TopSpec Racing feed balancer is formulated to the best possible specifications, using the highest quality ingredients.

It contains optimum amounts of all the micronutrients needed to complement feed intake and allow racehorses to reach their maximum potential.

Using TopSpec Racing simplifies feeding because it provides high quality protein, vitamins and minerals whilst allowing independent alteration of calorie intake. This eliminates the need for different feeds during the fittening process.

Benefits of feeding TopSpec Racing include:

It improves feed utilisation in two ways - firstly the minerals, vitamins, trace-elements and amino acids balance hay (or haylage) and oats, allowing them to be digested more efficiently.

Secondly the pure yeast improves the digestibility of fibre in the hindgut. This means that horses can receive optimum nutrition from reduced levels of oats, with many resulting benefits.

TopSpec Racing provides the nutrients to optimise performance, maximising fitness, stamina and recovery rates.

It promotes muscle development and function, helps joints to withstand the rigours of training, maximises bone development and strength, optimises haemoglobin formation and increases the efficiency of energy metabolism.

Helping to maintain appetite at peak fitness and moderating the effects of stress, the feed balancer also helps maintain a healthy immune system and greatly improves hoof quality.

It is successfully used for the nutritional support of horses prone to tying up and colic.

TopSpec Racing is ideal for flat and national hunt horses, point-to-pointers and also long-distance endurance horses.

TopSpec Racing is available from major feed stores or direct from TopSpec Equine if unavailable locally.

For further information or feeding advice contact TopSpec's experienced equine nutritionists on 0870 240 6596.


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