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Federation Equestre Internationale News

16 March 2004

- FEI World Cup Dressage Final: participation and wild cards
- Samsung Nations Cup in Wellington
- Eventing Committee Meeting in Pratoni
- Rumours of 'doping' in Eventing, a response from the Veterinary Committee
- News from USA NF: NBC to televise Rolex Kentucky CCI 4*



World Cup Director Joep Bartels and the FEI Dressage Committee are delighted to announce the following participation in the World Cup Dressage Final 2004

The World Cup Champion, Debbie Mc Donald (USA) riding Brentina.

>From the Central European League, winner Elena Sidneva (Russia) with Artax-Condor, and runner-up Irina Lys, who will ride Problesk for Belarus.

Kristy Oatley-Nist (AUS) and Don Bolero 3 have been awarded a wild card to represent the Pacific League.

Belinda Trussell and Royan II, winners of the Canadian League

Guenter Seidel and Nikolaus, runners up to titleholder Debbie McDonald in the US League, and Leslie Morse who placed third on Kingston.

The Western European League will conclude with the results of the FEI World Cup qualifier at Indoor Brabant, 's-Hertogenbosch (March 25-28).

Due to the exceptional high level shown during the Western European league in this nineteenth season of the World Cup dressage, it has been decided that in addition to the best eight in the points standings, an additional three riders will be granted starting places in the Final. This will however, take into account the rule of a maximum of three riders per nation.

All national federations have been informed of this decision in order for them to prepare riders for possible starting places. The full list will be announced directly after the final qualifier at Indoor Brabant, which promises to be an edge- of- seat, thrilling finale to the qualifying season and an exciting precursor to the Final, which takes place in Duesseldorf from 1-4 April.

FEI World Cup Dressage Western European League
Standings after 6 of 7 competitions

1, Heike Kemmer GER 72
2, Hubertus Schmidt GER 64
3, Isabell Werth GER 58
4= Emma Hindle GBR and Anky van Grunsven NED
6, Sven Rothenberger NED 46
7, Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff GER 41
8, Edward Gal NED 39
9, Louise Nathhorst SWE 37
10, Nicole Ahlefeldt Laurvig-Lehn DEN 35
11=Gina Capellmann-Luetkemeier (GER) and Tinne Vilhelmsson (SWE) 29
13, Antoinette Falandt (NED) 27
14, Kyra Kyrklund (FIN) 25

For full standings visit

For further information on 's-Hertogenbosch, visit

World Cup Dressage Final:


Canada won won the $50,000 Samsung Nations' Cup, presented by CN, at the CSIO 4* of Wellington, FL.(USA).

Held for the first time at night under the lights to simulate the conditions the horses and riders will face at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Canadians and the Americans were tied after the first round with each team incurring eight faults. Sitting in third place was France with 12 faults, and Mexico and Argentina were tied for fourth place, with 16 faults, heading into the second round. Ireland had a total of 34 faults.

As the lead-off rider in the first round, Eric Lamaze (CAN) was fault free until the final combination where he had first element down for four faults riding Tempete V/H Lindehof. Aboard her long-time partner, Catch 22, Ainsley Vince also had the first fence down at the last combination for four faults. Harold Chopping, and Kathleen carefully navigated the challenging course finishing as one of the only four clean first rounds. Ian Millar incurred six faults with Promise Me.

Starting round two for Canada, Vince lowered the height of fence five, a large yellow oxer, for four faults. Chopping aced the second round with another clean performance, putting the pressure on the American team who had already had two four fault second rounds. Veteran American rider, Norman Dello Joio, produced a clean ride aboard Glasgow, putting the pressure on Team Canada. Canadian Olympian, Ian Millar, responded with a perfect performance with Promise Me, ensuring the Canadian victory.

The Canadian Team won with a total of 12 faults over two rounds. The Americans finished in second place with 16 faults, and in third was Argentina with 24 faults. The teams from Mexico and France both finished with 28 faults each.

"We are developing a nice depth in our horse and rider combinations," noted chef d'equipe of the Canadian Team, Danny Foster. "Even beyond the Olympics, we will be heard from in the future. Canadian show jumping is on a roll and today's result was just the start."

For complete results, please visit

Report from Canada, Contact: Julie Cull, Media Relations, Equine Canada,

Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA), 27 February - 1 March 2004

The Eventing Committee met at the mythical site of many Eventing Championships and the 1960 Olympic Games in Pratoni del Vivaro outside of Rome(ITA). This meeting was held in conjunction with the second Eventing Top Officials Seminar, organised on invitation for Officials functioning in the high level 2004 Championships, representatives of regions, riders and trainers.

The Committee decided to recommend to the FEI Bureau and General Assembly in April 2004 the following important points to be amended in the Rules for Eventing for 2005:

1. Eventing should continue to consist of two categories of competitions:
Three Day Event (CCIs) and One day Event (CICs).

- Three Day Events - CCIs will in future be organised according to the current rules with the difference that it can be run with or without steeplechase. All other technical matters remain as per existing rules in regard to distances speeds, order of tests, horse inspections, Officials etc.
- One Day Events - CIC to continue as per current rules, as preparatory events for the CCI.
- World Cup events will continue to run under the special regulations.

The Committee also decided to abandon the proposal of promoting an additional category of CIC 4 star as there was no real necessity with the introduction of the possibility to organize a CCI 4 star without steeplechase.

It was further recommended that for this particular change, OCs and NFs would have the possibility to request to organise the new CCI format as of 1 September 2004.

2. Qualification requirements: Qualification standards for riders and horses have been revised to make them more comprehensive taking into account comments of many NFs.

3. Cost of Officials for Events: the rules have been revised for lower level events to remove the compulsory requirement for foreign judges as well as offering the possibility to OCs to only have two Judges instead of three.

4. Age Group Eventing - progression of Young Riders to Senior Three star category of event: the committee will encourage the organisation of "under 25" category of events to cover the gap of progression of the Young riders from the two star level to three star.

5. Safety program: the Committee presented the outline results of the safety study on falls to the Top Officials Seminar (will be published also on FEI Web-site). The study is a long-term project and will need the figures of several years to produce significant data. The comparison of the 2 past year has already started to show useful and interesting figures. These figures are however dependant on the information provided by the Course Designers and Technical delegates of events, which is still not optimal.

6. Horse Inspection/Exams for CIC: will be reviewed for 2005.

7. 2005 Dressage Test: 11 new tests will be implemented as of 2005 (3 for each level and 2 for the four star). These tests have been produced by Mr Christoph Hess and Mr Christopher Bartels. Tests will now be finalized and published in the coming months.

8. Criteria for New Four star event have been finalized and will apply to all new applicants, in order to maintain this category for the best events in the world. The criteria includes requirements to organise test events, visit by an FEI delegate, minimum prizemoney etc.

Development Eventing: A parallel meeting took place in Rome with the FEI Development Department and the Eventing Development Officers (Mr Andrew Griffiths, Mrs Jennifer Millar and Mr José Ortelli) to plan the program for the next year in East Europe, South East Asia and South America. The efforts made in the regions were very rewarding for the overall development program.

A response from the FEI Veterinary Committee.

1. There have been a number of disturbing rumours in the media recently, suggesting that event horses are being 'doped' during the dressage test with a mild short acting calming agent to improve their performance.

2. The Veterinary Committee of the FEI has been aware of these rumours since July 2003. It has taken steps to investigate these allegations, but as yet has no positive proof that any such drugs are being used.

3. The steps undertaken by the Veterinary Committee include:
- alerting the Bureau (the main policy Committee for the FEI that meets twice a year) to the seriousness of these rumours;
- increasing the level of testing at high profile events;
- taking advice from the FEI Medication Subcommittee on what sort of agents might be being used;
- ensuring that the specific categories of drugs likely to cause these effects can be detected by the FEI analytical laboratories;
- instigating various avenues of research in an attempt to pursue further awareness of investigation;
- continuing a programme of heightened vigilance in association with the Eventing Committee over the next few months.

4. The Veterinary Committee is determined to establish the truth behind these rumours that could so seriously tarnish the sport of Eventing.

5. Some facts about medication control in the FEI.

SAMPLING - up to 2000 samples are collected per year for testing; about 1300 of these are from Europe (FEI Groups 1 and 2) and the remainder from events in the rest of the world. Blood and urine samples are collected by an experienced vet who follows a careful protocol to ensure that no tampering of the samples can occur.

LABORATORY ANALYSIS - the samples are sent to an FEI approved laboratory, which is experienced in dealing with horse material. The laboratory then reports the result directly and confidentially to the FEI Veterinary Department in Lausanne. Positive samples - these are reported to the FEI Legal Department and an opinion as to the type of drug and whether it is on the Prohibited Substance list is sought from the Medication Sub-committee.

DECISION MAKING - all the information on positive samples is passed to the Judicial Committee who then decide on the outcome of the case and what sanction should be imposed. The outcome of their discussions are regularly reported in the FEI Bulletin. The judgements and sanctions are carefully considered, based on legal principles, and involve an appeal process should this be necessary.

RESULTS - From the 2000 samples examined each year the positive rate is approximately 3%, most of which (85%) are due to pain killing and sedative drugs. About 70% of samples are taken from Jumping horses and so proportionately the highest number of positives come from that discipline; 7% are taken from Dressage and Eventing competitions with 4% from Endurance; the rest come from Driving, Vaulting and Reining.

EVENTING - There has been no demonstrable increase in the positive rate in any discipline, including Eventing, over the last 12 months nor in the types of positives detected.

The medication control programme in the FEI is kept as transparent as possible and the results disseminated widely within the FEI and its participating disciplines. The programme (as the Press Release indicated) is constantly under review. Its ultimate aim is to protect the reputation of equestrian competition as a clean sport. More information about the FEI's medication policy can be found on the FEI website



The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the National Governing Body for the sport of Equestrian, and Equestrian Events, Inc., (EEI), the organizer of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, announced today that NBC-TV will present a 90-minute telecast of the 2004 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, presented by Bayer. The national network broadcast will be titled the "Rolex Equestrian Championships" and will air Sunday, May 2, from 1:30-3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

"As America's Olympic Network, NBC is proud to broadcast the nation's premier equestrian competition," said Jon Miller, Senior Vice President, NBC Sports. "The 2004 Rolex Equestrian Championships will provide viewers a preview of the Olympic hopefuls as they prepare for the Athens Games."

As is tradition, the competition will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, April 22-25. The event will host many of the world's best horses and riders including riders from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Greece, New Zealand and France, as they compete for one of the largest purses in the sport of Eventing and one of the most coveted titles in all of equestrian sports.

As an added bonus for the riders, the $250,000 Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing will be awarded to any rider who wins the Rolex Kentucky, Badminton and Burghley Four Star events in succession.

For further information about the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, please visit:


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