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Promoting the Sport of Showjumping

Press Release 5/4/01

While we are awaiting a decision to return to a full calendar of Show Jumping, we are issuing this Press Release to make people aware of just how important the Half-bred Industry is to this country.

* Numbers of half Bred Horses in Ireland 80,000
* Number of foals each year 5,000
* Value of Exports £15 /£20 million
* Number of people employed 12,000
(including indirectly & part time)
* Worth to the Exchequer £150 million
* Number of registered members of various
Associations 20,000

Show Jumping

* Number of members 7,000
* Show dates (number of events) excess of 850
Averaging 3 per day
* Turnover of Administration Office 800,000
* National Prize money £1 million

As well as the above statistics, Ireland¹s Show Jumpers are currently the No 1 Team in the World.

The sport is currently under a re organization process that will help us to fulfil our plan to stay in the 105 ranking in the world on a competitive basis and to increase our exports as well as rejuvenating our National Sport.

A further delay in returning to the sport will only make the financial conditions doubly severe for the members within our Industry. It is our opinion that Foot and Mouth disease has to be fought on two fronts.

1. To eradicate and stop the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease
2. To take measures to stop the severe financial effects the Foot and MouthDisease is having on all affected Industry.

The Show Jumper¹s Club remain committed as ever to Ireland¹s fight against Foot and Mouth

Barry O¹Connor, Chairman


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