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Irish Horses in Sweden

Last year I got an Irish imported pony. His name is Ryan. Before I got him I was mainly interested in the Swedish Warmblood and their pedigrees, breeders etc. But when I got my Irish pony my interest in the Irish horses started to wake. In Sweden there is many Irish imported horses and ponies that no one really knows anything about. They just exist and have no papers at all. Some of them do but most don't.

I wanted to try and create something that could bring people together so we could exchange information about our horses. All of them must have been "babies" at some time and maybe someone wonder whatever happened to their horse after beeing exported to Sweden. So thats why I have created the site about Irish Horses.

People are invited to send me information and pictures of the horse they are seeking information about and I will put it on the site. After getting a request from U.K I also added a "wanted page" for the U.K., so they can also look for information about their Irish imported horses. Also the Irish people can send details of their "long lost horse".

The hard part is to get in touch with people in Ireland and U.K. In sweden it's quite easy to reach out to the horsepeople since the clubs here have their own sites with forums and guestbooks. I alredy have had some success in finding horses for people wich is great. So if you have an horse you want to try and search information about, please visit my site or e-mail me at My site is also about our ridingschool and my animals but on the main page there is a linked picture marked "Irish Horses" and all of that page is in english.

I look forward to get many answers about this. Hopefully some people find out what they want, that would make me happy.

Reebok: Came to Sweden summer 1998, grey gelding, maybe Irish Draught cross, about 150 cm high. Said to born 1993
Winnetou: Came to Sweden 1989, skewbald gelding, born 1986. About 152 cm high. Named Sitting Bull when he came here.
Clover Hill: Came along with Tiny Queen in summer 2000. A bay gelding, 142 cm high. Said to be born 1995
Ryan: My pony, a dun gelding about 148 cm high. Came to Sweden in 1898. Used to showjump in Ireland with a boy. He is born 1983 but could be older.
Tiger: Real name Tullagh Pride. Imported as a showjumper round 1990. Born 1986 by Irelands Pride out of Bonnie Fox
Tiny Queen
Tiny Queen: Came to Sweden late summer 2000, piebald mare, about 145 cm high, were said to be born 1996

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