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In a week when many consumers have woken to an overnight increase of up to 2p per pint on the price of doorstep milk deliveries, the NFU has beeninundated with calls from the public seeking assurances that the price rises will mean more money for dairy farmers.

Terrig Morgan, NFU Milk Committee Chairman, said: "I am heartened that members of the public are taking the time and trouble to contact us and to offer their support for Britain's dairy farmers, particularly during the current Foot and Mouth crisis.

"Each and every caller has made it clear that they have no problem with paying extra for their milk as long as they know the extra money is going back to dairy farmers."

A number of retailers have also confirmed that they have increased their prices to processors - this must also be passed back to farmers.

The NFU has made it clear that a minimum increase of 2p per litre in the price of milk is needed immediately by farmers. Otherwise, more dairy producers will be forced out of business.

Terrig added: "I also want to ensure that these price increases are passed back to dairy farmers who it is widely recognised need it desperately.

"In my opinion farmers need 24 pence per litre to survive and re-invest for the future.

"Currently, we are a long way from this position, but recognition is dawning and I welcome the fact that some farmers have been told they will receive a 2 ppl increase and that this will also be paid to balancing co-ops.

"But if we are to halt the continuing number of farmers leaving the industry, all processors must recognise the need for farmers to receive higher milk prices and that these prices must be sustained."

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