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Horse & Horse Rider Insurance Prize Draw
(Sorry, UK residents only)
200 winners will receive an adjustable, adult size, reflective bib (/safety vest / tabard), showing the words: "Thank you for slowing down."
To enter the prize draw simply obtain a quote online for horse, or horse rider insurance at, between 18th April - 16th May 2002
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Time To Take Cover.

Horse riding is a rapidly growing leisure activity and it is estimated that there are over two and a half million people who ride in the UK alone. Despite its obvious appeal, riding or handling a horse is not without risk and although most accidents or falls result in minor cuts & bruises, more serious injuries are certainly not uncommon.

One of the UK's leading equine insurers, NFU Mutual, is concerned that many of the children and adults who ride, but do not own their own horse, may not have adequate insurance cover in place, relying instead on the insurance of a riding establishment.

In addition to taking lessons or joining an organised hack from a riding school, many riders may also ride a friend's horse once or twice a week, or even borrow it to take to a show. In these situations, if the horse is injured or causes a car accident or damage to someone else's property, the owner may hold the rider responsible. Additionally, if the rider sustains a serious injury and no personal accident cover is in place, they will not be able to claim.

NFU Mutual is so concerned that riders are neglecting the issue of insurance that the company has made access to its Horse Rider policy even easier. Now, riders or their parents, can obtain a quotation and take-out a policy online, enabling them to cover themselves for as little as £52.20 per annum.

This includes Personal Liability cover up to £2.5 million, vet's fees up to £1000 following accidental injury, and up to £2000 if the animal in the insured's care dies due to an accident or is stolen (providing the horse in the insured's care is not insured elsewhere). Additionally, the policy will also pay up to £20,000 in the event or permanent total disablement or death* and weekly benefits** for a period of one year in the event of temporary total disablement. The policy also includes hospital benefit (for every 24 hours hospitalisation) up to a maximum of £1,500*** and up to £1,500 for dental treatment.

"Horse riding is an extremely pleasurable pastime but everyone who rides should be fully aware of the risks involved" comments Jo Sowley, Equine Underwriter for NFU Mutual. "Having suitable insurance gives the non-horse owner the peace of mind that, if the horse in their care is injured, damages third-party property or even has to be put down, they have appropriate cover in place. It also means that they have personal accident cover in the event of a serious injury" she concludes.

With equine liability claims rising and, given the potential risks involved, NFU Mutual strongly recommends that all adult riders and the parents of children who ride should investigate whether they have adequate cover in place. Anyone wishing to obtain a free online quotation for NFU Mutuals' Horse Rider policy should log onto and click on the quotation icon.



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