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Consumers Beware !!!!! from Appalachian Shavings

We wish to advise the equine public about a shady business practice that has been going on in the woodshavings industry and wish to provide you with some knowledge to guard against it and be a wiser consumer!

A lot of unscrupulous woodshavings companies/brokers/distributors are selling you short! They are selling you a certain bale size at a competitive price but shipping you a smaller size instead. Companies have the bale size printed on the bale but the actual size falls way short of the printed and stated volume on the bale. We have received and seen numerous bales of 2. to 2.8 cu. ft. which were marked 3.25 cu. ft. Even when called, come companies kept on misrepresenting their real bale size!

In order to help you figure out what you are getting for your money, here is the equation:

Multiply: length x width x depth of the bale (in inches)
Then divide this result by 1728 (which is 1 cu. ft. in inches, 12x12x12)
The result is the actual size of the bale.

For example, our 3.25 cu. ft. bale has the following measurements:
Length: 30.5in Width: 17.25in Depth: 10.75in


You get: 30.5 X 17.25 X 10.75
1728 ( 1cu. ft. in cu. in (12 X 12 X12))

= 3.27 CU.FT.

You should also verify the firmness of the bale to ensure proper compression ratio, therefore giving you a better yield for maximum coverage. A limp rounded bale reflects a poor compression ratio.

Weight is not an accurate measure of compression ratio but might reflect the addition of green woodshavings or a higher moisture content - basically you would be buying water, not more product!

To figure your cost per cu. ft. divide the price paid by the actual measured size received. Then you will be able to figure out your best value even if all the bale sizes are different.

Please share this information with your fellow horsewomen and horsemen. This is the only way to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Do not take the bale size printed on the bag at face value - Measure It!


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