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ALVA International Help Show Horses GLEAM

ALVA Internationals equine aromatherapy products are proving very popular with owners and grooms aiming for the show ring.

The company's range of products are formulated with Essential Oils and
Aloe Vera that both condition the coat, whilst helping to repel flies.

The day before the show, preparation starts with ALVATEATREE Shampoo, a medicated shampoo that uses Tea Tree Oil to condition the coat while also protecting against mites and other infestations.

Using ALVASPARKLE Coat Conditioner, containing Aloe Vera after shampooing gives a high gloss finish while also resisting stable stains.

ALVADAZZLE Mane, Tail and Feather Conditioner helps to provide that finished look as it is combed through, giving a dazzling silky soft feel.

On the day of the show, ALVAGLEAM will put the ultimate gleam on the horse's coat. Containing Aloe Vera and a combination of enriched moisturising oils that repel flies; this equine product is quite unique.

For the maximum effect apply with a clean sponge, when dry polish up with dry velvet clothe for The Ultimate Gleam!

Just before entering the ring, ALVASHADOW can be applied as a finishing touch around the eyes and muzzle. A formulation of Aloe Vera and Essential Oils to enhance the horse's natural beauty also soothes tired eyes, heat and nettle rash.

ALVA Internationals products contain pure essential oils and are approved and used by many of the Worlds Leading Professionals.

ALVA International also produces a range of top quality Equine health care products.

ALVASWEET Itch Controller. ALVAFLY Repellent.
ALVALICE Repellent. ALVABARRIER Mud and Rain Protector.
ALVARING Worm Lotion.

For more information call 01554 775959 or visit


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