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Banca Finnat Euramerica Int. H. 1.40 Top Score Competition
Friday May 25, 2001

1) SMITH Robert (GBR); SENATOR HENNESSEY; Points 1450 Time 71.34
Prize Money 4,690,000 Italian Lira
2) SMIT Jerry (ITA); IKAMORCA; Points 1430 Time 73.37 Prize Money 2,670,000
Italian Lira
3) ROLLI Giuseppe (ITA); KASTELLO ; Points 1410 Time 77.21 Prize Money
1,690,000 Italian Lira

10) FLYNN Capt. Gerry (IRL); RINCOOLA ABU ; Points 1450 Time 78.88

Punto SNAI Int. H. 1.50 Competition In Two Phases
Thursday May 24, 2001

1) ENGEMANN Heinrich-Herman (GER); CANDELA 2; Faults 0/0 Time 26.83
Prize Money 4,800,000 Italian Lira
2) FRANA Enrico Maria (ITA); DOHITZUN GUERNICA; Faults 0/0 Time 29.45 Prize
Money 2,700,000 Italian Lira
3) SCHEPERS Thomas (GER); CAPITAL W ; Faults 0/0 Time 29.50 Prize Money
1,650,000 Italian Lira

9) FLYNN Capt. Gerry (IRL); CARRIGH DUBH ; Faults 0/0 Time 33.74 Prize Money
375,000 Italian Lira

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