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Enhanced Showing Competition at HOYS

Following the recent announcement that showing competition at this year’s Horse of the Year Show (2nd – 7th October 2001) will benefit from a new indoor arena, organisers Grandstand Media Ltd have further enhanced several aspects of the Showing Classes for the Horse of the Year Show 2001.

· NEW Supreme Horse and Pony Championship

In a move to find a Supreme Champion of the Horse of the Year Show 2001, the Supreme Pony Championship has been developed to become the Supreme Horse & Pony Championship. The Supreme Championship, sponsored by Lyndsey Kelbie will be the climax to the prestigious showing classes staged at HOYS, and fittingly will be the culmination of the 2001 showing programme held in the new Horse & Hound Arena. Contested by the Champions from thirteen classes at the show, the winner of this new championship will be presented with the most coveted ridden showing title of the 2001 season.

“With the tremendous rise in the number of classes and competitors during the last four years and increasing interest in the showing classes at Horse of the Year Show, we wish to continue to develop and enhance this unique event for all of those involved.” remarked Grandstand Media’s Director Mark Wein, “ Whilst many finalists at Horse of the Year Show are Champions in their own right, the introduction of the Supreme Horse and Pony Championship gives us a unique opportunity to recognise a Supreme Champion of the 2001 Showing season ”

Visitors and competitors to this year’s Horse of the Year Show will also benefit from two other developments that have been the result of discussions between the organisers and exhibitors, officials, sponsors and members of the press.

· Competitor Numbers

The bridle numbers that identify all competitors will once again be worn at all times to help with identification in line with HOYS’ stringent Health & Safety regulations. However, this year will also see the reintroduction of ‘back numbers’ during competition. Rider’s numbers will aid identification of competitors by all officials and press as well as the enthusiastic audience.

· Rosettes

Rosettes for all major showing classes will now be awarded to ninth place at the forthcoming show. As in previous years, the Search for a Star competition will award rosettes to sixth place.

Many competitors aspire to be placed at the Horse of the Year Show, and by awarding rosettes to ninth place we are recognising the considerable achievement of these competitors” commented Mark Wein.

Classes Eligible for the Supreme Horse and Pony Championship

Mountain & Moorland Mini Pony of the Year
Mountain & Moorland Pony of the Year
Show Hunter of the Year
Small Show Hunter of the Year
Show Hunter Pony of the Year
Working Hunter of the Year
Working Hunter Pony of the Year
Riding Horse of the Year
Children’s Riding Pony of the Year
Mini Show Pony of the Year
Hack of the Year of the Year
Pure Bred Arab of the Year
Cob of the Year

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