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Advertise Your Equestrian Company Here Invests in Video WebCasting Technology

Equiworld today announced the introduction of a range of enhancements to their already popular video streaming and webcasting services. The key to the enhancements is the installation of computer software written specially for Equiworld to manage video streams.

Equiworld's Peter Asprey explained that the software has become increasing necessary to manage in real time the availability of video streams. Peter explained the software is built round a database which allows the Equiworld team to quickly change how video is made available to the users.

Take for example our live webcasting service, the live video stream is normally only available for a set period of time during the event. Archive footage is normally only added when the team return to the office. The new software allows users to bookmark a single URL which before the event might for example link them to a promotional video. Then during the live event route them to the live video. As soon as the event is over the system switches them over to a highlights package, or even a re-run of the days live action.

Live Webcasting

Peter also added that because the video is stored digitally on a computer disk, the management software allows a user to skip directly to a key frame. If for example an owner knew the starting time of their horse, they could call up the video in seconds. Used during an event, a course official could call up any available video to help with disputed judges scores. The system also overlays course time, and camera number on the recalled video, allowing the user to quickly determine the fence being jumped. The system could be applied through a range of equestrian events, from eventing, through showjumping and dressage. hopes to trial the system at a number of events this summer. If the trials prove successful plan to offer the service in addition to their world leading equestrian event webcasting service. Already the system to manage video is live.

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