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The Chill Buster Riding Boot

The most complete riding boot ever built


The award winning Chill Buster is available in Black and Oxblood (burgundy)

The specification of this boot includes everything a rider is ever likely to need

At least 70% of riders are female and 80% of females frequently suffer from cold feet. For them the "Chill Buster" will be very welcome. It keeps the feet at body temperature whatever the weather and the waterproof leather keeps them dry.

The Easy Rider balance system stops your feet slipping out of the stirrup irons and makes you more secure in the saddle.

The steel toe cap which protects your toes is so well concealed that it cannot be felt nor seen. You simply would not know it was there until the day it saved your toes.

The rot proof leather and soles mean that wet beds or muck heaps are no problem and the boots are very durable.

The high counters in the heel give you ankle support and are designed for use with a spur. The collar is snug and has been designed for the use of gaiters or half chaps.

The stitched in tongue stops shavings penetrating and sticking to your socks and therefore prevents the clogging up the filter in your washing machine.

The comfort is outstanding and more in line with an old pair of house slippers than a riding boot and all that for a mere £65 and because these boots are rated exempt, no VAT to pay! (UK only)

Autumn is only just around the corner and because we are expecting this boot to be popular, we need to be prepared and therefore we are accepting forward orders now. For more information about the Equitector range of Hoof Proof riding boots contact our sales office at 01933 273800


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