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Greater security for your dog with secure radio fence

A new ultra secure radio fence for dogs is now available in the UK utilising precise FM rather than AM signals.

Safelink Digital FM design Dogwatch fences are buried around the perimeter of the garden and give a gentle shock to dogs if they try and escape over the invisible fence.

Previous models on the market used AM radio signals but in many instances these can become susceptible to interference from other radio sources making the fence useless and your dog receive shocks when it is nowhere near the edge of the zone. That can leave the dog free to run out onto busy roads with inevitable consequences or bother neighbours and passing children.

Safelink Digital FM design Dogwatch fences are now being marketed and installed across the UK by Dogfence (see They have been endorsed by vets and as a humane and effective way of preventing a dog straying from a back garden - no matter what its size.

They comprise a wire buried in the ground around the perimeter of whatever space is being defined as the boundary for the dog. This transmits a weak FM signal to a receiver on the dog's collar. If it moves into close proximity to the wire the receiver first issues an audible warning to the animal. If it continues to move closer to the perimeter then two probes issue a mild deterrent shock of no more than 3.6 volts.

Dogs learn very quickly to associate the audible warning with an area they should not be in and soon are completely at home wearing the Safelink receiver collar.

Ward Chapman of Dogfence, the sole UK dealer for Dogwatch commented: "I had experience with various AM dog fences in the past but none had proved satisfactory. I was so impressed with the Dogwatch product I decided to import it myself from the US and offer it to Britain's 4.8 million dog owning households.

"Many people do not have secure fences around their gardens or they may have animals which consistently climb over or burrow beneath any physical boundary," said Chapman. "For properties with large areas to cover this can be an extremely cheap way of fencing in a dog and ensuring it stays safe."

Dogfence not supplies Dogwatch fences for self installation but it also offers a highly cost effective professional installation and training service.


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