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Two training books by Don Blazer are now"e-books" and available electronically.

Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship and Training the Western Horse can be read on the Internet, e-mailed, or downloaded, according to Diana Vann, web master for Success Is Easy, publisher. "All a potential reader has to do is provide a credit card number and designate how they want the book," Vann said. "It is as easy and fast as that." The books are initially priced at $8 each.

Making the books available as "e-books" is part of Success Is Easy's effort to bring horsemen the training and health care information they want in a fast, easy format. "Today, horsemen as extremely busy, and they want practical information which can be put to use immediately," said Meribah Small, Success Is Easy vice president.

Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship is an insightful look at the mental aspects of training any style, breed or discipline of horse to reach his full potential. "This book isn't about English or Western, it's about understanding and communicating, and recognizing there is a solution to any riding or training problem," Small said. "Blazer tells the reader, with examples, how to combine the six elements of training with the nine secrets to assure success for both horse and rider.

Training the Western Horse is a fast, easy, step by step report on exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. Don Blazer has proven to be the master when it comes to explaining training techniques and making them work to get immediate results. He has given clinics from Alaska to Australia and taught for six colleges. "This book doesn't waste time with long and cumbersome explanations of esoteric concepts. It just tells the reader in simply terms how to get the job done, now," said Small.

"We expect to have Training the Western Horse available in hard copy in tack and feed stores late in 2002," Small said. "In the meantime, it will only be available as an e-book on our web site,"

Blazer has been training and writing about training for more than 40 years. He is the author of the syndicated column, A Horse, Of Course, which is must reading for thousands of fans. The column is taking to the airwaves this summer, going into syndication as a radio show.

In addition to the two e-books, Blazer is the author of Make Money With Horses, Healthy Horses Seldom Burp!, and Walter Spills The Oats, all of which are available at book, tack and Petsmart stores. Blazer's column, a question and answer forum, and Walter's tips are available to web visitors at

Don Blazer
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