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Ruth Mazet, equine "problem-solver" and trainer, has turned her attention to the Internet to help all horses get the chance in life that they deserve. Ruth's website,, is the on-line training manual where owners and riders get individual help with behavioural or riding problems whilst learning a whole new approach to any problems which may arise in the future.

Written in a clear, upbeat and informative style, Ruth's is a very horse-centred method. She believes it's essential to understand WHY a horse behaves in the way it does, rather than simply trying - and usually failing - to impose a new mode of behaviour. Her methods demand that the trainer learns to think like a horse, and Ruth makes no secret of the fact that improvement involves dedication and effort to overcome the old, familiar way of working and to try something entirely new.

The training manual is contained within a "Members Only" section of the site where, for around $39, "Horse Talk" subscribers have 12 months unlimited access to step-by-step training information which is continually being added to and updated. Visitors to the site,, will find details of all that's available BEFORE committing themselves to the subscription, and will be able to find out a little about Ruths work and the types of horses she works with. There's also the opportunity of a free initial consultation by e-mail and, once you embark on the training course, Ruth continues to be available by e-mail to offer guidance and support at any stage.

This is an exciting new way of helping your horse and yourself to a new partnership, what Ruth Mazet calls "a life changing experience". Profit generated by "Horse Talk" subscriptions will help support the horses in Ruth's care and who, in the main, are featured in the many photographs that illustrate the website and on-line manual.

Ruth Mazet can be contacted at

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