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The best bedding for your horse may not be the most expensive!

“When I come to choose bedding for my horses”, says John Whitaker (International Show Jumping & Olympic Champion), “my first consideration is their health, my last consideration is economics. That is why I was amazed to find No1 Horse Bedding not only performed better than any of the other bedding materials available in the market it was also less expensive than most!”

No1 Horse Bedding is a relatively new product which is fast finding favor with competitive horse riders such as John Whitaker, with racing stables and with veterinary practices. It is totally “dust free”; 5 or 6 times more absorbent than shavings and straw; minimizes ammonia; is easy to handle and is quickly biodegradable. Yet the cost per kg. is no more than the better quality shavings and less than many of the more “sophisticated” products.

No1 Horse bedding is produced from the highest quality corrugated cardboard. This is diced into small square pieces and then is passed through a unique dust extraction system to remove both the dust which can so easily be responsible for various lung complaints including COPD and small particles which may be ingested with food. Unlike many other “DUST FREE” products No1 Horse Bedding does not create its own dust with use. The result is a bedding material that wins no prizes for its looks but is the “Champion” when it comes providing the best care for your horse.

No1 Horse Bedding is manufactured at various locations in the UK, USA (2002), Eire and France. More information can be found at


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