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The Psychic Horse Healer

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I work as a psychic for horses and other pets. When I found out my gift I decided to develop a web site business to allow people the opportunity to seek help for their beloved animals.

The people that I am helping vary from those at their wits end over a problem that no one can put their finger on.To those that are interested in spiritualism and psychic aspects.

Clients send me hair and a photo of their pet from which I can dowse the animals energies and establish what is really going on. I pick up on profiles such as allergies , immune system, whether the animal is in a safe environment, whether he/she is in any sort of pain, all of the bodily functions, then move on to the aura of the animal.

From my findings I can then give a reading. For example if a horse hates being stabled and is always stressed it could be claustrophobia or is trying to tell you that you may have a ghost!

A horse that is always lame but x rays show nothing might be unbalanced in his hoof or shoeing has made the feet too small and is causing pain.

A horse that suffers with swollen glands or legs could be allergic to feed he is having, or even to grass!

A horse that is always ill and under the weather could be suffering from geopathic stress.

What ever the problem their energies will tell me. Part of the reading is recommending the help you should sort and treatments that the animal needs to improve. These are usually alternative such as herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies, crystals etc.

Horses and pets experience the same emotions as us; depression, stress, sadness, pain, fears in our environment. Have a little think of their quirky ways and realise they might be trying to tell you something. Illness, through using a psychic can be caught before it manifests in the physical ,and save alot of worry and cost to you the owner.

To give your horse/pet a greater sense of well being log on to or email me for more information.


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