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Barah Press Barah Press, “Where the horses whisper back”

“The Spiritual Life of Horses: is an enjoyable fantasy… or is it? The author Lynette Marie DesMarais has captured the essence of the equine thinking and produced an unparalled story which will delight horse lovers.” Jean Llewellyn, Breeding News for Sport Horses.

Wouldn’t you like to hear what your horses have to say to you

“The Spiritual Life of Horses” was written by Lynette Marie DesMarais from the voices of her magical Andalusian horses. Lynette being a gifted clairvoyant/clairaudient and animal behaviorist experienced a traumatic near-death accident in September of 1998 which empowered her with a soul-releasing passion along with an explosive heightened awareness ability to expand beyond the boundaries of animal communication.

In this book, the horses whisper back to their human companions sharing their wisdom, knowledge and love for you to hear their voices and gain a greater understanding of yourself, create a deeper communication and a much stronger bond between you and your incredible four-legged friend.

This 112-page hard cover book is beautifully designed with gold stamping, embossed letters, and includes a photo of each horse who will speak to your heart.

As a horse lover, this book is a treasured gift to give yourself that will allow you to enhance your relationship between yourself and your horse.

Lynette Marie DesMarais is a breeder of Pure Spanish Horses, registered member of IALHA, supporting member of The Foundation for The Pure Spanish Horse, and trains with an international judge for combined training/dressage. She teaches those who wish to learn to increase their awareness and recognize their communication skills with their beloved animal companions.

“The Spiritual Life of Horses” is available for $21.95 U.S. on line at

The Spiritual Life of Horses: Published by Barah Press. Original edition. 5 ½ x 8 ½ , 112 pages with photos. ISBN 0-9700446 – 0 –7 $21.95 US Publication: Summer 2000

Barah Press, P.O. Box 1579, Clinton, AR 72031 USA. Tel: (501)745-6698,
Fax: (501)745-6697

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