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CSI-C LIGNIERES SWITZERLAND 13-15 JULY 2001 Carl Hanley with Quidam van de Padenborne, Entreinte de Gamet and Chester, Niall Talbot with Diamond Carat, Lord du Pachat and Ellefield and Dennis Lynch with Luigy K, Zara 22 and Grand Avenier or Innocent. Tel +41 32 757 31 07, fax +41 32 757 31 68, website

CSIO POZNAN POLAND 19-22 JULY 2001 Sean Cubitt with Zeroo and Rampuns or Oder. Tel +48 61 8483 097, fax +48 61 8483 511, email

CSI-A SPANGENBERG GERMANY 20-22 JULY 2001 Jessica Kurten with Egano, Advocat 2, Alvaretto 2 and Got Loh's Centro, Francis Connors with Cruiseway, Ericasam and Baron Netscape and Robert Splaine with Coolcorron Cool Diamond and Coolcorron Willow. Tel +49 5663 930246, fax +49 5663 930247

CSIO HICKSTEAD ENGLAND 25-29 JULY 2001 Peter Charles with Traxdata Carnavelley, Traxdata Amber du Montois, Traxdata Corrada or Orange Juice, Kevin Babington with Carling King and ABC Fantasia, Dermot Lennon with Garronturton Lady, Liscalgot and Dow Jones Courcel and Cian O'Connor with Waterford Crystal, Irish Independent Casper and Kilfearagh Niamh. Chef Tommy Wade. Tel +44 1273 834315, fax +44 1273 834452, website

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