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The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale News

4th July

- European Jumping Championship: Beerbaum renews his title, Ireland earns its first team gold in history
- FEI Gandini World Jumping Riders Rankings: Beerbaum bursts through rankings
- FEI BCM World Dressage Riders Rankings: An American enters Top 10
- Reining to be part of 2002 World Equestrian Games
- Samsung Nations Cup preview: Ikast
- North American Junior Dressage Championship
- Meeting of FEI Geographical Group VI
- Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
- In memoriam Jorge Mathias (POR)

Ludger Beerbaum Renews His European Title
Ireland Earns Its First European Team Gold in History

The European Jumping Championship took place last weekend in Arnhem (NED). Olympic Team Gold rider Ludger Beerbaum (GER) renewed his European title that Alexandra Ledermann took away from him two years ago in Hickstead (GBR)

Since the first day of the Championship, Beerbaum was only 0.07 penalties behind the leader Wout Jan van der Schans (NED). On Sunday 1 July his mare Gladdys S stayed clear in both rounds of the Individual Final, while the Dutch rider lost his concentration and was not able to repeat his clear first round. Finally van der Schans finished with 16 penalties, which made him drop from first to 9th place, to the despair of his home crowd. Ludo Philippaerts and Otterongo van de Kopshoeve (BEL) won the silver medal, followed by Swedish rider Rolf-Göran Bengtsson on Isovlas Pialotta. World Cup winner pair Markus Fuchs (SUI) and Tinkas Boy had to settle for the 4th place.

Two days earlier, Ireland had won the European Team title for the first time in history. Actually, Irish last team medal at an European Championship  a bronze one  was as old as 1979 in Rotterdam. Although they were invincible in last years Samsung Nations Cup, the Irish riders did not really expect a gold medal. Jessica Kürten, Peter Charles, Kevin Babington and Dermott Lennon stayed fairly relaxed during the whole event and won the title with each rider contributing and a deciding clear round of Lennon as fourth rider in the second round.

Sweden, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands were in a race for a medal. With a very consistent performance, Sweden won the silver medal. It was the first time that Sweden won a team medal at a European Championship. Further to the fault made by Ludger Beerbaum, Olympic champion Jeroen Dubbeldam on De Sjiem had a chance to offer the bronze to the home team.Due to a fault at the water fence and a miscalculation of the approach of the next fence, he finished with 8 penalties and left the bronze to Germany.

Best Ever Television Coverage for an FEI Championship:

The European Jumping Championship in Arnhem was televised by more broadcasters then any other previous Europeans. Broadcasters from the following countries took up the event: the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Unites States and Latin America.

Initial indications show that viewing figures were excellent with Germany reporting a market share of 11% on Friday (team final) and 10% on Sunday (individual final). This is a major improvement on the more usual figures of 7 to 8%.

FEI Gandini World Jumping Riders Rankings
Beerbaum Bursts Through Rankings

The new European Champion Ludger Beerbaum, who was dropping 500 points from June 2000 at the end of last month, gained & 1197.5 points and is Number one of the FEI Gandini World Jumping Riders Rankings with a record total of 3115 points. Beerbaum earned a number of points in St Gallen, Cannes, Aachen and Modena, and of course at the European Championship in Arnhem (NED), he got 302.5 points including a bonus of 60 points for his individual gold medal. The Swiss Willi Melliger is still on second position, but 1442 points behind the World Number One. Lars Nieberg easily retrieved his 460 dropped points of last year and remains third with 2167 points.

Ludo Philippaerts, individual silver medallist in Arnhem, jumped up from 7th to 4th place. Rodrigo Pessoa moves up one rank to 5th place, exchanging with Markus Fuchs who is now 6th. Otto Becker enters the Top Ten thanks to his 325 points earned during the month and at the European Championship.

Sören Von Rönne makes an impressive progress from 39th to 17th place, thanks to his good results in Aachen and Modena. Team European Irish champion Dermot Lennon goes up from 41st to 20th place.

Ludger Beerbaum is the only rider with more than 3000 points. The four first riders have more than 2000. There are twenty riders with more than 1000 points.

The first FEI Gandini Final will be held in Geneva on 8 December 200 and will feature the Top 10 of the rankings.

An American Enters The Top Ten Of The FEI BCM World Dressage Rankings

For the first time, a non-European rider, Lisa Wilcox (USA) enters the Top 10, currently led by Ulla Salzgeber since she took over from Anky Van Grunsven early March 2001.

Ruolf Zeilinger, who had an excellent 7th place in the Freestyle to Music (Kür) in Aachen, moves up from 9th to 7th place.

The Spanish riders continue their overall progress in the rankings. Ignacio Rambla, who now has 10 results to count, moves up from 75th to 29th place. He was 10th in the Kür in Aachen with a very good 74.96% score. Rafael Soto Andrade moves up to 16th place; he was 22nd last month.

Coby van Baalen, who dropped her points gained in Arnhem last year (she was 1st in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special), goes down from 11th to 20th rank. Without her Olympic mount, Ferro, she had a deceiving 17th place in the Grand Prix of Arnhem this year.

Reining To Be Part Of The World Equestrian Games

Reining will become the seventh Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) competition at next years World Equestrian Games, officials of the World Equestrian Games, FEI and the International Reining community announced today.

According to a spokesman from the FEI, following agreement between the organizers in Jerez and the International Reining Community, the FEI was pleased to have its newest discipline included in its premier event.

Scheduled September 10-22, the 2002 Games will be held in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.The reining competition will take place during the second week of the games in Chapin III, the same venue as for the vaulting events.Both team and individual medals will be awarded; ten teams are expected to compete.

Traditionally regarded as one of the world's most prestigious equine events, the World Equestrian Games bring under one organizational umbrella the world championships for the seven disciplines governed by the International Equestrian Federation:show-jumping, dressage,eventing, driving, endurance, vaulting and now reining.

In a joint statement from the International Reining Community,NRHA President Greg Darnall and AQHA President J. D. Blondin stated This is a tremendous step for the sport of reining. Thanks to the World Equestrian Games and FEI, we can now showcase this great discipline to thousands of equestrian enthusiasts from around the world.

The FEI approved Reining as its seventh discipline at its General Assembly in Mainz, Germany in April 2000.

The first FEI approved Nation's Cup was held in Reggio Emilia, Italy this past May with 11 teams participating from four continents. A second Nation's Cup was held in Gladstone, New Jersey June 20-22. A third is planned this September in Germany.

Jerez has a long tradition in equestrian activities and a population that loves horses. It hosts international championships and national equestrian events, including its Horse Fair and Autumn Festival Those events bring over a thousand horses twice a year for top international competition in all FEI disciplines, along with others of a national nature such as Acoso y Derribo (pursuit and roping of cattle) and Doma Vaquera (Andalusian-style riding). The nearby Andalusian Royal School of Equestrian Art and the Yeguada de la Cartuja Hierro del Bocado Stud Farm are known worldwide.

The Jerez 2002 Organizing Committee begins advance sales of tickets in September.For information, visit the Jerez Web site

Samsung Nations Cup Preview: CSIO Ikast (DEN), 4-8 July 2001

On Ikast Equestrian stadium in Denmark the final preparations for the arrival of approximately 250 jumping and dressage horses are on their way. Riders from 15 nations are taking part I the biggest Danish outdoor equestrian event. 11 nations are participating in the 15th event of the Samsung Nations Cup 2000-2001 season: Norway, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Irealnd, USA, Canada, Korea and Denmark. The Nations Cup is scheduled for Sunday 8 July at 14:000.

For more information, visit

Italy leads the Samsung Nations Cup standings with 51 points ahead of Germany 42 and Belgium 37 points. Ludger Beerbaum (GER) is the Leading Rider with 7 points on three competitions, followed by Markus Fuchs (SUI) with also 7 points but on four competitions. The Leading Horse is Elkintot (ridden by Italian Massimo Grassato).

North American Junior Dressage Championship

The North American Junior Dressage Championship was held in conjunction with CDI*** Batavia (Ohio) from 28 June to 1 July. Riders participating in this continental championship included four teams from the USA, three teams from Canada, an individual from Costa Rica and an Australian team competing on borrowed horses. USA Team I won the team gold with a score of 67.162 followed by USA Team II, silver with 64.172. Canada Team A earned the bronze with a score of 63.162. The American riders won all individual medals: Samantah Garfinkel took the gold, Tina Hayden the silver and Jessica Rattner the bronze.
More details on

Meeting Of FEI Geographical Group VI

The FEI Group VI met in Asuncion, Paraguay on 22 June under the Chairmanship of General Manuel Rodriguez Velis (CHI), Bureau Member. NF Representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru (observer) attended the Meeting. The meeting was also attended by Gen. Angel Bertolotti (URU), FEI Development Officer for Dressage in Group VI and Jacqueline Braissant, FEI Development Project Manager. The Group discussions were very friendly and constructive.

The aim of the Group is to increase the level in each discipline in order to compete internationally. The following points were discussed

- Development of Solidarity events in Jumping without FEI fee in order to enable riders to compete more frequently under FEI Rules in border countries.
- Customs problems for horses crossing borders of Group VI countries.
- Passports. Lack of veterinarians able to fill out FEI passports or identification papers correctly.
- Need for FEI Veterinary courses
- Dressage situation in Group VI:the necessity of developing Dressage at a higher level than Prix St. Georges. Education/training of judges.
- Coordination of development courses within the Group
- International Calendar, etc.

The meeting was held in conjunction with a 10 days Development course/clinic for trainers and riders in jumping under the coaching of Gen. Manuel Rodriguez Velis. This clinic directly followed the Development course for Course Designers given by Mr Carol Lopicich (CHI), International Course Designer in Jumping.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

The Strategic Planning Committee met on 28 June 2001 in Arnehm (NED). Dr Hanfried Haring (GER) who was elected at the head of the Committee last April chaired the meeting for the first time. George de Jong, Secretary General of the Dutch Equestrian Federation was invited to attend.

The Committee established a working group to develop a business plan for top Jumping sport. The members will be Rune Borg (SWE), Simon Brooks-Ward (GBR), and George de Jong (NED).

The Strategic Planning Committee decided to set up a working group to assist the Endurance Committee in its efforts to become an Olympic discipline

The Committee also considered the World Equestrian Games concept. The FEI Marketing advisors Thue & Selvaag will be asked to study and to report on the commercial and media aspects of the Games. A decision on the future of the World Equestrian Games will be taken after the 2002 Games in Jerez de la Fronterea (ESP).

The Committee expressed its strong support of the EQUIS project ( global FEI Equestrian Information System) and offered its assistance in the study of a world wide identification system for both riders and horses.

Finally, the Committee studied the current format of the annual FEI General Assembly and will make concrete proposals to the Executive Board to allow more contacts among delegates and make it more productive and interesting for all participants. Several workshops should already been organised at 2002 General Assembly in Rabat (MOR) next April.

In Memoriam

Jorge Mathias (POR), Olympic rider passed away last 27 June from cancer. He was 44 years old. Jorghe Mathias represented Portugal in 17 Nations Cup, won the National title four times, won 71 national Grand Prix and 12 international Grand Prix. He rode in the Jumping competitions of 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.


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